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How do you solve a problem like the Vancouver Canucks? It won’t be easy

Imagine an off-season simulator.

Jim Benning could keep pressing the magic button — much like the NHL Lottery Simulator — until it displays winning responses to roster decisions the Vancouver Canucks general manager is contemplating. 1,578 more words


The Afternoon Skate, April 25: So, how does this NHL draft lottery work? Plus: Grey Cup visits cornbread festival ... and the worst movie ever!

I didn’t watch the NHL draft lottery last year.

I’m guessing most of you didn’t, either.

Sure, it was the Connor McDavid draft lottery, so there was that mystery. 1,690 more words

Vancouver Canucks

The Afternoon Skate, April 15: The intriguing case of overpaid Canucks, Donaldson's streak, and McCartney's set list

Last weekend, as the Canucks season was mercifully stumbling to a close, we asked you 20 questions, ranging from “Who’s Willie’s least favourite player?” to “What are the chances you will pay for a ticket to see the Canucks next season?” 1,925 more words

Vancouver Canucks

No Quick Fix For Canucks; A Season Lost Is a Season Gained

By now it’s fairly obvious I am a philosophizer of words, a craftsman of verbiage and a knight of partial sentence structure. The Canucks have turned me into a 21st century literary magician and I only have them to thank. 1,509 more words


Love him or hate him, the Vancouver Canucks’ Alex Burrows always put his team first

It was never about Alex Burrows.

If you think it was, then you don’t know the player, person, teammate and father. You don’t know the amiable and accountable winger who doesn’t let a game-day anthem pass without thinking about the late Luc Bourdon. 1,334 more words


The Morning Skate, Apr. 11: The Burrows farewell tour, next year's Canucks and the wandering Whitecaps

Growing up, the Stanley Cup Playoffs were truly a magical thing. The Canucks nearly beat the Flames, who went on to win the cup, in 1989, but they didn’t make the big dance in 1990, so for me, the 1991 team was when the magic really began. 1,407 more words

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