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Grandma’s Western Romance Update!!

Last fall I made an exciting announcement that my grandma is a writer!!! I’ve always loved to read her poetry and short stories, she’s been doing them forever. 15 more words


Film Review - Annihilation

Trailers for this film immediately caught my eye, a psychedelic trip-fest of colours and sounds that screams “art and sci-fi are at it again”. It was a film I immediately knew I had to watch in the cinema to get the full experience, but even if I’d had the time to do so (life is hard, and full of stuff) I would never have got the chance. 954 more words


Annihilation (15)

Annihilation continues in a similar vein of twisted, mind-blowing sci-fi to director Alex Garland’s debut, Ex Machina (2014). He started out writing scripts for Danny Boyle, including 28 Days Later… (2002) and Sunshine (2007). 422 more words

2018 Film Reviews

Annihilation - Review

Alex Garland follows up his triumphant debut ‘Ex Machina’, with a deliberately oblique sci-fi horror that will delight some of its audience while confounding the rest.  907 more words


All Was Destroyed, Or Nothing: The Savage Circularity Of Annihilation

Yes: this is the second review I’ve written for Annihilation. Yes: I’m aware that this is unnecessary and self-indulgent. Yes: people in my life are getting tired of hearing me talk about this movie. 2,573 more words

Blog Post

Kodachrome is a film about film and shot on film — but headed for the small screen, sort of

Mark Raso is a conflicted director. His newest film, Kodachrome, played on big screens at the Toronto International Film Festival last fall, but on April 20, the only way Canadians can see it is on Netflix. 762 more words


Movie Madness #7

A Quiet Place

This film is the best monster horror film in recent history, taking the mastery of Cloverfield’s masterful monster mystery and injecting intense, heart wrenching drama. 530 more words

Movie Madness