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EX MACHINA: Cooles Blu-Ray Steelbook Release am 3. September 2015

EX MACHINA: Cooles Steelbook Release am 3. September 2015
Hey Leute, EX MACHINA vom Drehbuchautor zu 28 TAGE SPÄTER war für mich einer der bisher besten Filme des Jahres und gleichzeitig auch endlich nochmal ein gelungener Thriller über Künstliche Intelligenz und die moralischen Folgen. Am 3. Se…


Day 2: Quote Challenge! THE BEACH

I think all my quotes are going to be from books! I read this book every summer, while listening to the movie soundtrack.

It is… 167 more words

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Quick Take: Sunshine (2007)

No one knew what to do with Sunshine back in ’07: not the critics, who lauded its visuals but hated its horror-movie ending; not the studios, who couldn’t decide which aspect of its multifaceted plot to sell; and not the American audiences, who made a  movie with blockbuster-level scope and effects into a flop with a $3.6 million domestic gross. 149 more words


Ex Machina - ★ ★ ★ ★ ½ DVD Review

Finally, one of the films on my “2015 to watch” list has come to video, and I found it tremendously entertaining and found it satisfying my craving for some science fiction.  730 more words

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#37. Ex Machina (2015) -- A Shoot the WISB Subcast

The Turing test, eccentric billionaires, and the singularity, oh my!  In this special edition of Shoot the WISB, Rachael takes Shaun and Paul on a journey through Alex Garland’s directorial debut,  127 more words

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Ex Machina: The Post-Modern Prometheus. A Film Review.


Ex Machina is a relatively simple story, while at the same time, a deliciously complex and probing film, which asks more questions than it ever hopes to answer. 8,556 more words

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Ex Machina (2015) Review and Why You Should Beware of Film Trailers

Ex Machina (2015) directed by Alex Garland. Original viewing date: May 30th, 2015.

Having not seen any films lately that have inspired enough love or anger to feature here on the blog, I have decided to revisit and review what has thus far been my favourite film released in 2015:  1,290 more words