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Franz Ferdinand 6/5/17

(a) setlist

    1. Jacqueline
    2. No You Girls
    3. The Dark of the Matinee
    4. Paper Cages
    5. Do You Want To
    6. Walk Away
    7. Stand on the Horizon
    8. Lazy Boy…
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New York City

Franz Ferdinand, Zane Lowe 6/4/17

(i) lineup

1a. Zane Lowe
2b. Franz Ferdinand

(1a) (Zane Lowe) setlist

    1. To quote Zane, “I’m doing 80 songs in 40 minutes, so let’s get it, New York…
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New York City

Music Park: Franz Ferdinand @ Firefly Music Festival -- 6/16/17

Franz Ferdinand take a bow at Firefly Music Festival on Friday, June 16, 2017. (Photo copyright Firefly Music Festival.)

Franz Ferdinand blew up the main stage of the Firefly Music Festival on Friday, June 16, igniting a dance riot with their well-recognized favorites but also introducing a few new songs and a few new members. 698 more words

Music Park

Franz Ferdinand is on their rock concert game

Franz Ferdinand sticks out in my mind from their “Take Me Out” video for some reason. Maybe it is so memorable because it was during my afternoon TRL sessions? 212 more words


Quote Of The Day - By... ALEX KAPRANOS

Monday 5 June 2017

Franz Ferdinand‘s frontman Kapranos happy about being still so happy together as a band…

Quote Of The Day

MMM: #393 Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand

Milo here.

Oh damn! Bet you thought these badbois were dead, din’t ya? Nah, they’ll keep plodding along ’til the end of time.

This time, we have general one-hit wonders Franz Ferdinand and their wonderful one-hit… 217 more words


Fire - Five Ways

English words are like onions, when you sing. Chop them, roast them whole, caramelise them, scatter them as crunchy red raw rings on a salad. They never stop being onions, but you’re in charge of the flavour and the texture they provide. 400 more words

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