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Fall of the Crime Lord, Sihivus Verne

Galactic News Network’s  Coverage on the Incident over Ord Mantell.

Sihivus Verne has been a notoriety of the galaxy for some time now. When the idea of her apparently promoting peace and sincerity came about, it was somewhat of a surprise to many.

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More on the New Confederacy Senate building damages

Galactic News Network met actors of the Senate bombing in Trandosha.

Trandosha: The trial for the explosion of the New Confederacy Senate building is still expected.

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Trandosha Jedi Refuge in the Eye of the Storm

Galactic News network interviewed Luna Tesero from the Trandosha Jedi Order, trying to clear some of the last events on the planet.

Some news about the recent events in Trandosha, capital world of the New Confederacy, were revealed by the Jedi Luna Tesero from the Trandosha Jedi Refuge (TJR).

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Bombings and Conflicts On Trandosha

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide traveled the New Confederacy world of Trandosha to investigate a recent bombing and a battle that occurred in the slums there. 634 more words


Revival of the Great Bounty Hunt

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide traveled to Ord Mantell where they met with Captain Alex Kardel to speak about the Great Hunt.

Alex Kardel of the Free Galaxy Corporation has set in motion to begin an ancient tradition of the Great Hut where bounty hunters from across the galaxy compete to determine the best of them.

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The Circle of Sources: An information Broker Organisation

In Taris, a reporter of the Galactic News met Alex Kardel from the Circle of Sources.

The Circle of Sources (CoS) is an “information trading network and recruitment hub,”

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Suppressed Riots in Nar Shaddaa Shipyard

Reporters of Galactic News went to the shipyard of Nar Shaddaa under riot.

Nar Shaddaa: The shipyard of Nar Shaddaa were the location of a large scale riot.

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