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Meeting Alex Kingston

Over the weekend I got to meet the one and only, amazingly lovely, and gorgeous, ALEX KINGSTON! *fangirls forever* So let me tell you ALL about it. 1,757 more words

Edmonton Expo

Twelfth: Husbands of River Song

Writer: Steven Moffatt

Director: Douglas McKinnon

Producer: Nikki Wilson

Companions: River Song (Alex Kingston), Nardole (Matt Lucas)

Series: 2015 Christmas Special

Summary: The Doctor arrives on a remote space colony on Christmas in the year 5343, where he meets River Song one last time. 134 more words

Doctor Who

Montreal Comic-Con 2017

The ninth edition of Montreal Comic-Con was a huge hit by all accounts. The crowds were bigger, the stars shined brighter, and the amount of things I wanted to throw money at were immeasurable. 715 more words

Doctor Who

Doctor Who Tag

In honour of the announcement of the 13th Doctor Who on Sunday I decided to do the Doctor Who Tag. Let’s see if I can remember different parts of Doctor Who!!! 880 more words

Anything And Everything

I'll Admit It: I'm A Con Man (Part 2)

Thanks for coming back! It this too much like looking at someone’s vacation photos? I hope not. I’m trying to be interesting! 610 more words

Random Thoughts

Yeah? You Gotta Go Through Me First

This column originally had a different title.  More on that later.

The Kid was raised to have a deep appreciation for Star Trek, cartoons, and cheesy horror movies. 622 more words


I'll Admit It: I'm A Con Man (Part 1)

Yes, dear reader, you read that title correctly. I’m a Con Man . . . Wait. Strike that. I’m a Con Man Supercon Man! No, I’m not out to trick the elderly and the gullible out of their life savings. 1,077 more words

Random Thoughts