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Thoughts on: Let's Kill Hitler

I’ve always considered this episode a bit unspectacular, a bit of a misfire as an attempt at a mid-series “opener”. I’ve had to somewhat reevaluate this impression after this viewing. 663 more words

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Thoughts on: A Good Man Goes to War

What would provoke the Doctor enough for him to mobilise an army? That’s the question this episode answers as we see the Doctor mounting an armed assault upon the people who’ve stolen Amy and her baby. 836 more words

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The Best Thing I Watched Last Week: Chasing Shadows

The best thing I watched this past week is an ITV-produced crime drama called Chasing Shadows.  You and I both know shows of this genre are a dime a dozen. 666 more words

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Thoughts on: The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon

Steven Moffat has gone for a big, explosive opening for Series 6 in this creepy, exciting, showy romp of a two-parter. They’ve pulled out all the stops and gone to film in… 1,017 more words

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10 Most Talked About Lines In Doctor Who History

A look at those throwaway lines, teasers and asides that have vexed, shocked or provoked the viewer.

The various snippets and teasers in the trailer for Series Nine have generated plenty of speculation and interest in the forthcoming new adventures of the Doctor and Clara: Was that a 1960s dalek in the background? 219 more words


Thoughts on: The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang

There’s a reason Pandorica is my favourite finale. I was vividly reminded of this upon this rewatch. Apart from being astoundingly well-written and well-made, it’s also profoundly different from anything that’s come before. 1,646 more words

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Why Arrow Needs Mama Smoak

Dear Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle:

I am sure you two have lots of ideas to discuss now that Comic-Con has come to an end and you have returned to the Arrow Cave to plot Oliver’s transformation to Green Arrow. 861 more words