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‘Landscape of Farewell’ by Alex Miller

A meditative and wholly engaging novel, Alex Miller’s Landscape of Farewell is the story of knowledge and understanding – of oneself, of the past, of the land, of ageing and of friendship. 489 more words


Handling Esperanto's "Owies"

There is a small class of words in Esperanto that end in the suffix -AŬ. These words come up frequently, so it is a good idea to memorize them. 164 more words


Hibernian 0-0 St Mirren, 26 December 1987

Going to games whenever you happen to be in Edinburgh for other purposes – in this case Christmas – does have its drawbacks. You end up spending a freezing afternoon watching tedious goalless draws against St Mirren for example. 1,838 more words


Drawing the Line

Reading Ann Patchett’s beautiful ‘Commonwealth’ (2016) raised once again the question of who owns a story.

There is a character who is a writer in this superbly balanced novel which ranges from the 1960s to the present day and encompasses betrayal and adultery and death, and important things like love and acceptance, heartbreak and forgiveness. 524 more words

Falkirk 1-3 Hibs, 3 January 1987

As you can see from the programme cover (click for full size pic), Brockville Park has remained remarkably untouched by the passing fads of ground development over the last 13 years. 172 more words


The Sitters & other Alex Miller novels: Australian Book Review

Alex Miller is one of Australia’s foremost modern writers of literary fiction. Born in England in 1936 he emmigrated to Australia by himself at the age of 16. 888 more words

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