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The way of all flesh: A critical review of "Self/less" (2015)

What I like about Ben Kingsley is what all right thinking people like about Ben Kingsley: that he’ll be in your movie no matter what it is. 707 more words


Muschiettis to Produce Supernatural Thriller 'Shadows' (EXCLUSIVE)

Siblings Andy and Barbara Muschietti, director and producer of “Mama,” a U.S. chart-toper in 2013, brothers will produce, teaming with Russell Ackerman and John Schoenfelder, the next project of Alex and David Pastor, supernatural thriller “In Shadows.” Spanish writers-directors, the Pastors, also siblings, have carve out a name on the international genre scene, with “The Last Days” and “Carriers.” 570 more words


God Created Man. Man Created Immortality

I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the recent American sci-fi thriller, from director Tarsem Singh (“Immortals”, “The Cell”). The movie, titled “Self/Less” was written by David Pastor and Alex Pastor (“Carriers”, “Out Of The Dark”). 773 more words


REVIEW: Self/less (2015)

The following is a review of Self/less, a film by Tarsem Singh.

What if you could live forever? What if you weren’t chained to your body? 352 more words


Self/less (2015)

Self/less (2015)

God created man. Man created immortality.

Self/less comes as an odd undertaking for Indian director Tarsem Singh, best known for his flamboyant style and lavish visual cinematic canvases such as… 1,121 more words

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Review: Self/less

Excerpt: “Visual maestro Tarsem Singh directs this film, even though there are practically no signs of his expected visual style anywhere to be seen. The only morsels we receive are near the beginning of the film, when we see the golden decadence of Damian’s home and an upscale restaurant where everything seems curated with care.

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Out of the Dark

In Santa Clara there is a dark past that haunts the village. Over 500 years ago, conquistadors came to their village looking for silver. They took the silver from the villagers and then burned the children of the village alive. 258 more words

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