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Vultan's Aerie

The two friends, veterans of many battles, stood at the foot of the glass tower upon a strangely deserted street.

“We defeated Baron Dak-Tula and the Skorpi menace Flash, but at the cost of Mongo’s biosphere. 357 more words

Short Story

Flash Gordon - Dr. Zarkov Shoots Crooks with Electrodes & Flash Regains Memory

Dr. Zarkov Shoots Crooks with Electrodes(July 13, 1935): Queen Azura assured Flash that it had been a trick to disconcert him then she ordered the frozen prisoners be removed to the palace and that good care be taken of Zarkov particularly. 360 more words


Flash Gordon - Dr Zarkov To The Rescue & Aide Tal Plants Seeds Of Doubt

If you’re just tuning in, please read below for a brief overview of the Flash Gordon series. You can also visit the main page where you can find the previous episodes! 304 more words


Flash Gordon - Decoy of Ming the Merciless

Tonight, we bring you…Decoy of Ming the Merciless!  A Flash Gordon Feature!

Flash Gordon is the hero of a space opera adventure comic strip created by and originally drawn by… 237 more words

Random Musings: A look at Alex Raymond’s Rip Kirby

Artist Alex Raymond (1909-1956) is probably best known for his work on Flash Gordon, but after his discharge from the Marine Corps in World War II, he was unable to pick up where he left off on that strip. 1,152 more words