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Alex – Spring Week 4 PPJ

This week I spent some time adding audio sources to some of the in-game items and attaching the associated sounds.


Day 115: Centre of attention

Sunday, April 24, 2016

I’ve taken this photo many times with trees. I thought it might be interesting to throw some people into the mix. I feel as though I’ve stumbled into an Alex Ross comic book cover, except I’ve never seen an Alex Ross artwork done from this angle.

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"...for a composer."

She was a competent pianist, for a composer. That is to say, she could play anything at sight but she could not play anything really well.

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Alex – Spring Week 3 PPJ

This week primarily consisted of working with sound in the project preparing for the production update.


Fixes are in the work and the build should be repaired shortly… 10 more words


Who is the New Wasp? Answers Revealed in All-New, All-Different Avengers #9!

Who is this mysterious new player in the Marvel Universe? You won’t have to wait long to find out! This May, critically-acclaimed creators Mark Waid… 151 more words


• Meakultura 'Kropka' Awards

This is the second year that the Meakultura Foundation in Warsaw has run its ‘Polish Music Critics Competition’, ‘Kropka’ (Dot).  ‘Kropka’ is open to printed texts, blogs, newcomers and popular music, and there’s an award from the Editor-in-Chief of the Polish publishers PWM. 106 more words

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Alex Ross – Spring Week 2 PPJ

I continued working on creating new sound effects and replacing old sound effects.


-I was not able to attend the weekly Friday meeting