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UPDATE: Keller High School History Teacher David Clemmons Advances To Finals On "Jeopardy"

Keller High School history teacher David Clemmons came from behind last night on Jeopardy, winning Double Jeopardy, and advancing to the finals, as reported by… 114 more words


I'll Take The 3 Million for $500, Alex

Sorry, Idris. You fine and all, but with 3 mil, I can buy someone like you and much more.

P.S. You still fine though. 😍 😘 💋 21 more words

Teacher in Birmingham Takes on Jeopardy!

The Jeopardy Teacher’s Tournament runs for two weeks in May and this year a teacher from The Roeper School in Birmingham is playing for $100,000. 166 more words


'Wheel Of Fortune' & 'Jeopardy!' Will Keep 'Em Guessing Into 2020 As Hosts Re-up

“R_N_W_D.” I’d like to solve the puzzle, Pat: “Renewed?” Right you are!

Put another way, if you woke up this morning thinking, “Alex Trebek” then said to yourself, “Who just got a two-year contract extension?” you are today’s big winner as the longtime… 165 more words

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Majority Of People Satisfied With Their Ability To Block Out The Searing Miracle Of Existence

Through a varied but grindingly routine pattern of consume-then-earn, consume-then-earn, read a worrisome article about the current state of the world, anxiety-eat a loaf of brownie, then back to earning (or trying to), most respondents to a recent survey expressed satisfaction that they were doing enough to distract themselves from the stunning and exceptionally brief glimpse of the greater universe that chance (and/or powers well beyond our collective ken) have allotted to their mortal forms. 253 more words


VIRAL VIDEO: Another Spectacularly Awkward 'Jeopardy' Fail

Every time something like this happens (and it’s been happening more often lately it seems) I think Trebek will just take off his mic, slam it on the floor and walk off into the sunset. 114 more words


Jeopardy!: Intelligent Sexism

Published in University of Georgia infUSion Magazine Volume 13 Issue 2

(NOTE: The image above is non-edited; an actual question from the hit quiz show. Photos in web article are different from those in print.) 681 more words