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Happy Birthday: Alex Trebek

Alex Trebek

Born: July 22, 1940 in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Married to:
Jean Currivan (30 April 1990 – present) (2 children)


We are trying to entertain the audience. 68 more words

July 22: Happy Birthday Selena Gomez and Willem Dafoe

The kids are going to be excited about this one.  It’s Willem Dafoe’s birthday!  Actually, it’s possible my kids may not be familiar with the 61-year-old actor.   300 more words

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Will Port Moody's Benn Millman be last Canadian on 'Jeopardy?'

VANCOUVER – If it turns out Benn Millman is the last Canadian on the American quiz show “Jeopardy” for the foreseeable future, the B.C. man will look back at his appearance with pride, despite hitting the buzzer too quickly on a TV trivia question. 466 more words


Hip to be Square: Nerds Complete Their Takeover of the World This Week

Full disclosure: I have NEVER watched a full episode of Game of Thrones, unless you count a compilation of topless scenes my roommates invoked in Season 2 as a last ditch effort to get me to join their Sunday evening AV club. 881 more words


Jeopardy!'s Reigning Champion Buzzy Cohen Is Dividing the Internet

Jeopardy‘s current champion Buzzy Cohen is making the internet lose its collective mind with his bespectacled and unabashedly geeky winning streak.

Cohen has won a seven-day total of $133,402 so far, but more importantly, he’s found a cheeky way… 186 more words

You'll Either Love Or Want To Punch The Reigning 'Jeopardy' Champion

When Ken Jennings was dominating on Jeopardy, the world cheered him on. He was funny, he was our last (failed) hope against the robot uprising, … 446 more words


Louis C.K. crushes Jeopardy's Power Players, Anderson Cooper sinks and Jonathan Franzen loves birds

When it comes to television this week, all you really need to be aware of is the mess that has been Jeopardy’s Power Players: a vast assortment of smart people who have been competing not only for charity but to reaffirm their own expansive egos and bountiful knowledge in all of the things. 734 more words