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C’Mon Son: Why Ed Lover Is Mad At Alex Trebek [EXCLUSIVE]

Alex Trebek, who has been hosting “Jeopardy!” since 1984, has seemingly been a neutral, fixed figure in television for decades. But Ed Lover has taken a strong stance against him since a recent episode featured rap as a category. 154 more words

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This 'Jeopardy!' Contestant Clinched The $100,000 College Prize In Spectacular 'Memelord' Fashion

Family Feud has made generating instantly shared game show moments look like child’s play. Just get someone (maybe a dopey midwesterner) to shout something about sex at an unexpected time, … 218 more words


[Day 290] Did Viraj Mehta really flip off American people on TV?

Being off Facebook, I’ve been entirely oblivious to my friend Viraj’s famed middle-finger. I knew that he has been on Jeopardy and I knew that he’s had some pretty impressive win — the rock I live under isn’t that big — but I wasn’t aware that there was more to that. 408 more words


Alex Trebek agrees to read Migos and DJ Khaled lyrics after rapping on ‘Jeopardy’

Video of Alex Trebek reading rap lyrics for a Jeopardy category went insanely viral this week. People couldn’t get enough, especially after the footage was edited so that the music played as Trebek read. 221 more words


Jeopardy Contestant Flipped Alex Trebek The Bird On Live TV [VIDEO]

I don’t know what’s been going on over there on the set of Jeopardy! First, host Alex Trebek was rapping, now a contestant flipped Alex the bird on live TV for a solid amount of time. 146 more words


Did this Jeopardy Contestant Flip the Bird on TV?

During an episode of College Championship on Jeopardy a Stanford student named Viraj Mehta stuck his middle finger out while he was on camera.

The question is, was this intentional or did he do it not realizing what he was doing? 109 more words


Podcast: Does Kyrie Irving really believe the earth is flat?

Kyrie Irving caused a major stir during All-Star weekend that still has us pondering about what he was thinking.

Ted Berg is joined by Alysha Tsuji as they discuss Kyrie Irving’s belief that the world is flat, A-Rod retiring and Alex Trebek being dope. 7 more words