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What Can't You Get Rid Of?!?

Teddy bears…things from your dead relatives…love letters from an ex?!?

What do YOU have that for some reason…you just can’t let go and get rid of?!?

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LISTEN: Dummy of The Day 4/27/17

Today’s Dummy of The Day involves a prostitute named Alex and an old man that left something very inappropriate behind at the library because he was mad at them. 39 more words


I Hope They R Proud

My mom (and my pops) would be proud of me today, but even more proud of the young man I have raised along with my husband, Richard. 804 more words

alex price, aka "pricey"

*** read this interview in a British accent

“I would describe myself as mean, lean, and clean. I’m mean because I’m a tough guy. Lean because I don’t eat McDougs. 388 more words


Travelling to Silicon Valley

I was Skyping with one of my best friends (Alex) earlier this week in order to catch up on what we had done over the past month, and we both had one helluva time! 466 more words


Night Fox – Comic Post #099: Heat Transfer

Not caught up on the comic yet? You can go visit the comic’s archive through this link here.

Can I just say, I really hate how bi-polar the weather can be around where I live? 251 more words


LISTEN: Dummy of The Day 4/26/17

Today’s Dummy of The Day includes two woman fighting over a guy, some ice cream and a giant middle finger. Listen live to The Dummy of The Day weekdays at 6:40am.  29 more words