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Bad goth

In a late-90s interview, The Cure’s Robert Smith explained the influence of alcohol in his songwriting process. To capture certain moods, he’d curate his drinking while working out parts: red wine for gloom, vodka for buoyancy, beer to slow the pace to a dirge. 384 more words

On Writing

Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern

Love, Rosie

My friends have read this and most of them didn’t like it. But I did! I like it so much that I cried when I finished reading it. 215 more words

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Status: Woe

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Har har har, these goth chicks today, amirite? You know, with all the rings and so on. Because in Westview, when you commit to something it’s for LIFE, damn it! 107 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky

creating Love always...

there was a time after our son’s death in 1999 when I thought I might never make anything again…

all my life I have enjoyed doing things with my hands inspired by creative and busy parents… 216 more words

Art Journal Journey Challenge Blog

Argel Fucks indica Alex na vaga de D'Alessandro em treino do Inter nesta sexta-feira

Em atividade realizada no CT do Parque Gigante nesta sexta-feira (05), o técnico Argel Fucks praticamente confirmou que Alex vai ser o substituto de D’Alessandro. O comandante, na primeira parte do treino, focado na posse de bola, colocou o experiente meia na vaga do argentino, mantendo a estrutura da equipe do Internacional. 281 more words