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Through a child's ears

Parenthood comes with the expectation that you will experience new things. It is filled with constant and changing experiences. You could write a year’s worth of blogs on every kind of new thing parenthood brings. 623 more words


The Single Step

So, neither of us have ever done this whole blog thing before. We never really expected to either. In order to start a blog, you kind of have to have something worth saying, and then what you say has to be worth reading. 623 more words


Reklama citlivá k deťom? Toto nie je vtip. Ako držať líniu ( nie tú, ako figúra )

Veľa spoločností rieši tému reklama verzus deti, kedy zadávateľ reklamy by chcel ihneď riešenie, ktoré fungovať bude..

Podľa mňa svet je z reklamy unavený. Treba nájsť originálne riešenia, ktoré budú pre deti ťahákom a nebudú ich nudiť a unavovať. 722 more words


By:  William Serumula

Students went on strike on the morning of 26 and 27 January 2015; at Central Johannesburg College Alexandra Campus, which lead to a temporary closure of the institution. 30 more words


Birthday plans

So my daughter is reaching double figures. She’s turning 10 the day she’s due back in school! The little Madame doesn’t get back from the south of France until Sunday 4th Sep, her birthday is on the Monday and she’s back at school! 523 more words


9 to 5

I dreamed I went into pizza inn and they offered me a job. Dylan got really mad at me and accused me of dating the manager. 16 more words