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Paperback and Kindle are here NOW!

Paperbacks and Ebooks are now available on Amazon/Kindle! Logon to your respective marketplace to grab a copy of it. Here’s a link to Amazon.com users! Click on the below address! 22 more words


Amazon Echo: This Grandpa Likes "Valerie"

Aww. Here’s a very cute and wholesome spot for the Amazon Echo. A young man gets his grandpa the new Echo Show, explaining that he can use it to play music or check the weather. 47 more words

The Attack of "The Nothingness"

I can’t tell you how many times I sat down to write a new blog post and absolutely nothing came to mind. I would come up with ideas and type it into the Notes app on my iPhone so I wouldn’t forget what I wanted to write about, but when the time came to write, I looked at what I had saved and had no idea what the words meant or what I wanted to write about. 750 more words


I'm sorry, I didn't hear you say anything

I haven’t written a lot on this blog for a while.  Partly that has been due to the way a lot of my posts seemed to get inexorably drawn into the black hole of the vitriolic shambles that passes for politics in the US these days (or, it has to be said, increasingly the world over, as the forces of populism flex their muscles). 3,255 more words

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