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My book “Agni – The Folklore of the Unsung!” will be available on Amazon Prime in the form of ebook worldwide from 25th December’2018. It’s also available to pre-order in selected countries. 16 more words


What's Your Audio Content Strategy?

People will forget your ad. Hell, they’ll forget what they bought from you. But they’ll never forget the experience — the gift of time.

Content and Caffeine Episode 2…

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B2B Marketing And Sales

Vivo’s Dual Display NEX Phone; OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition; Amazon Gives Alexa Location Based Reminders & Routines; Daimler Buying $23 Billion Worth of Batteries for EVs

Vivo has come out with what they call an all-screen NEX smartphone. According to engadget.com, there’s NO selfie cam…but you won’t need one, they say. You can flip the phone around and just shoot your selfie with the pop up back cam…the back of the phone has a rear screen so you can set up your shot! 292 more words

Word Mine, A free family game to play on Alexa by Sensible Objects!

If it’s free.. it’s for me!! Right?? Especially something everyone can enjoy!

Word mine is a fun puzzle solving word game by Sensible Objects. It’s part of their Voice Originals line of games. 531 more words

Amazon Echo: Gateway to Diabetes

Sitting here in my chair, with my fat arse unable to move because of my fat belly, which has developed over the three weeks I’ve had this death trap of a device. 250 more words


Robots & Me:3 Disadvantage and Advantages of Robots!

Hello Readers,

Today I am back with my series and the blog name is ‘Disadvantages and Advantages of Robots’.So are you interested to read my blog??? 494 more words


Building a Custom Skill for Alexa

Developing for a voice platform is predictably very different from developing for a mobile or a web interface. To learn more about this topic, I decided to build a simple voice application for the biggest voice platform today – Alexa. 1,503 more words