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Water Level Sensors, Alexa in a Fish, and Modular Synths During World Create Day

On Saturday we saw a flood of interesting hacks come to life as more than 100 community organized meetups were held for World Create Day. Thank you to all of the organizers who made these events possible, and for everyone who decided to get together and hack. 717 more words


Audible + Alexa

قبل شهور كان لي تدوينه عن الكتب المسموعه، وكان فيها تطبيقين جوال للكتب المسموعه وهي الي كنت أستخدمها من قبل لأنها مجانيه،بس بعدها غيرت التطبيقين واستبدلتها بتطبيق + جهاز

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In last week's news...

Sesame Street’s The Count is out of a job, as Amazon Echo looks for someone new to be the voice of Alexa, ha ha ha.


Inside the obsessive world of the home tech early adopter

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John Gomes is already living in the future. An early adopter of the kind of advanced smart home technology that is a fantasy for most of us, Gomes had his new Tribeca apartment intelligently connected about six months ago. 4,222 more words


Who's Watching?

One of my favorite movies is Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts. In this movie Mel Gibson, AKA Jerry Fletcher, is portrayed as a crazy person because of his perverted view of the world. 586 more words

Voice shopping estimated to hit $40 billion across U.S. and U.K. by 2022

The growing popularity of smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home will lead to an detonation in voice-based shopping, according to a new market research report from OC& C Strategy Consultants… 104 more words


The world's leading Star Signs

Hey people that like reading blogs, this is another blog you might be interested in. This one has never been read to lab rats or read to hyenas in confined spaces… what we’re trying to say is that it’s not been tested on animals, so we are totally cruelty-free. 890 more words