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Blessed be the gadflies

Metaphorically speaking, and only with regard to issues of the greatest importance, I wholeheartedly agree:

“When confronting your enemy, go for the jugular, and never back down.” 100 more words

Alexander Cockburn on chess and geopolitics

Last week not long after Jeff St. Clair received my article in “Chess as Metaphor”, he wrote me back informing me that Alexander Cockburn had written a book about chess in the 1970s. 2,021 more words

Alexander Cockburn

Cockburn on liberals

From The Nation, 24 November 1984, reprinted in Corruptions of Empire:

`Could the officer have aimed to warn or wound rather than to kill? Could the team have used Chemical Mace or tear gas?’ This was in a November 2…

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Quote of the day, Dec. 28

Alexander Cockburn, on writing (1985)

“The travel writer seeks the world we have lost — the lost valleys of the imagination.”


My Hate is Pure

Every time I calm down, there’s another reminder of the damage that neoliberalism has wrought. Once again, rather than reading about this in the New York Times… 1,007 more words

Here's why a surprising number of liberals are supporting Rand Paul

In 2010, when Rachel Maddow cornered Rand Paul over his lack of support for the entire Civil Rights Act of 1964, most liberals proceeded to streak through the streets waving bloody shirts. 882 more words

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Weasel Words and Cryptolectic Crap

This article appeared in Lakbima News on Sunday February 26 2012


The subject of my lecture today, ladies and gentlemen, is a four-letter word beginning with ‘c’ and ending in ‘nt’. 1,476 more words

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