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‘There is no away.’ This statement was in reference to the plastic trash in earth’s oceans, and the capacity of a single plastic water bottle to travel the world on ocean currents. 283 more words


Yes. That white stuff is still floating through the air on this 13th day of March. It’s cold. I’m tired. My legs ache from yesterday’s strength building session (in preparation for kayaking season), and my spirits are flagging in the absence of bright sun. 218 more words

Hands-on Yoga: combining the Alexander Technique with Gentle Hatha

Put together the postural analysis of Alexander Technique and a gentle approach to Hatha Yoga and you get Hands-on Yoga. Let me explain…

How many yoga practitioners regularly experience pain? 1,097 more words


BERLIN - Eradicating Blocks - A Workshop for Performing Artists - Bruce Fertman May 8, 2018

You are not here to acquire skills but to eradicate blocks. – Jerzy Grotowski  

It is your music, dance, or theatre teacher’s job to help you acquire the skills you need to be a fine artist. 709 more words

Alexander Technique

The chronic lower back pain conundrum – Seán Carey

Much excitement over a recent article by The Guardian’s medical journalist, Dr Luisa Dillner, in which she canvasses the views of a physiotherapist, an osteopath and a ballet teacher on the vexed topic of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ posture, with a special focus on the latter’s effects on health and well-being. 858 more words

Alexander Technique

Once More

I have missed writing for Poise and Presence! And so….here’s a post written on returning from a recent workshop.

It was a winter Saturday afternoon at Ohio University’s Alexander Technique Audition Workshop. 286 more words

Tackling stress in challenging situations

” I feel overwhelmed”. I remember myself saying that and thinking it on a number of occasions. Knock-on effects include anxiety, increased heart rate, lack of focus, decreased immunity, and poor sleep. 438 more words