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Mourning in Ancient Greece

In this month of Hephaistion’s death, and after I read all the interesting reviews on the community Alexander’s army to my article about Admetus and Alexander, I though it was a good idea to write another article about the mourning in Antiquity. 2,026 more words

Alexander The Great

Debunking the myth: Young people are the leaders of tomorrow

This piece is inspired by the questions I received in response to my previous article which can be found (here). Most questions were centered on how the young generation can solve this leadership deficit on the continent and in Zimbabwe in particular. 1,104 more words



Yesterday, Donald Trump gave a speech in Gettysburg Pa. He called it “HOLLOWED” ground. Proving once and for all that he does not read, has never read, and, in fact, is as illiterate and uneducated as the voters he prizes. 1,461 more words


A Rare Orientalist Attack on Hellenism

In Chapter 2 of I’tesamuddin’s narrative, while describing the vastness of the ocean, I’tesamuddin brings up Alexander the Great, and his contributions to mapping the Greek coast. 488 more words


Once upon a name so great...

To Be Alexander

Names are fine and good
until they become larger than life,
like Alexander born to be the Great,
and made to bear the weight… 81 more words


Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was the son of King Philip of Macedonia, a kingdom just north of modern-day Greece. As a child he already showed the spark, the daring and the courage which would flame to light as he grew up and became Alexander the Great. 309 more words

Western Civilization I

Playing Fountains

From my book on The Balkans

In the main square the fountain next to the Alexander the Great statue was now coming into its own as night fell. 159 more words