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A is for Ancient

ncient world navigation can be difficult, at best. Historical records naturally become buried in the sands of time, or pass into legend until the contemporary traveler can only speculate about what really happened all those years ago. 215 more words

4 Long Years

Tomorrow it will be 4 years since Alexander joined the angels.   4 years.  How did that happen?  It seems like a lifetime ago, yet it seems like yesterday. 89 more words

Cool Deccani painting, 18th century: Alexander the Great holding the Cup of Jamshid


Through the ShahnamehAlexander, sometimes as an invading villain, sometimes as a great hero, (but then the Shahnameh is an intensely complex work morally), has entered the legend canon of all Persianate societies.   418 more words

Skopje, Macedonia

The rulers of Macedonia, with what appears a rather petty bid for historic relevance and perhaps legitimacy, are very focussed on laying claim to the name “Macedonia” and all things historically “Macedonian” including Alexander the Great. 528 more words


Moralia: VI. Alexander and the Republic of Zeno

Plato wrote a book on the One Ideal Constitution, but because of its forbidding character he could not persuade anyone to adopt it; but Alexander established more than seventy cities among savage tribes, and sowed all Asia with Grecian magistracies, and thus overcame its uncivilized and brutish manner of living. 464 more words


The Gordion Knot

My grandpa has always told me stories, not so much about him or his life or even folk heroes, but about History and the interesting people who have become characters in its constantly changing script.  284 more words

Alexander The Great