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Art and a dead author

In Plutarch’s Life of Alexander, Alexander is faced with taming a horse he rashly claims he can handle better than any of his father’s attendants. Waging the full price of the horse, he sets to taming the ferocious beast and does so by turning the horse’s face towards the sun. 406 more words


The Greek Mercenaries

In ranks they stood and made no sound;
The Persians were all dead –
The ones who chose to hold their ground;
The others had all fled. 45 more words


The Gates Of Hell by Paul Doherty

The city of Halicarnassus stands as the next obstacle in the path of Alexander the Great’s campaign of conquest. With its imposing walls and the sea surrounding the city, it has the potential to withstand any siege –  but it has one weakness. 470 more words

Historical Mysteries


My boyfriend and my brother.

Celebrated a night at Summer Club Central Park. A little glimpse of the pants I even wore at this particular party-night. 117 more words


The Curse of Passion

In rehab, people argue all of the time. Especially in group meetings.

Although I thought that these arguments were a complete waste of time, I nevertheless engaged them. 1,023 more words

10 Amazing Facts on Alexander the Great

1. Alexander was made King of Macedon at just 20 years old.

2. He was actually afraid of beards.

3. Alexander’s army reached India but his troops refused to march on, reaching the extent of his empire. 101 more words


Alexander the Great in India

I’m about 1/3 of the way through Jawaharlal Nehru’s The Discovery of India, and I ran into a question the other day. Nehru writes in his history that Alexander the Great invaded India in the 4th century BCE. 467 more words