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Friday February 23, 2018

After 15 years of teaching, all I can say with confidence is that education dooms itself to the circular reproduction of an empty formalism the moment it becomes compulsory. 222 more words

Introduction Alexander


I am Aleksandar Shanov, a third year Art & Technology student at Saxion University. I will be working on this project as a part of my Individual Focus. 307 more words

Worship at Pannal Chapel on August 27th

On Sunday August 27th I led worship at Pannal Chapel.  We sang, ‘Thou whose almighty word’ before I led the prayers and the Lord’s Prayer.  Then there was a dramatised reading based on Exodus 1. 906 more words


Sexuality in Film: Achilles and Alexander

Sex and sexuality have always peaked the interest of audiences, readers, and voyeurs. It can be seen in ancient poems written by Sappho (Sappho, Poems of Sappho… 1,548 more words


[EN] Helena & Alexander- Valentine's day special short story

Helena & Alexander- Valentine’s day special short story

Wednesday, February 10th 2011

– Hey strawberry, what shall we do next sunday?

-Why? There’s something special? At Sundays, we use to go at museum or theatre. 2,002 more words

Original Character

Valentine's Day

How did your grandparents meet?  You might find clues in the census.

William Franklin Alexander married Loula Isabella Richardson on July 13, 1910, in Moore County, N. 237 more words


American NBC commentar sparks anger from South Korea

The NBC commentary, Joshua Cooper Ramo, carelessly said some harsh remark about South Korea’s time under Japan’s annex. Joshua Ramo quoted, “a country which occupied Korea from 1910 to 1945, but every Korean will tell you that Japan is a cultural, technological and economic example that has been so important to their own transformation.” This comment sparked much anger from South Korea’s citizens and Koreans because he also referred about Japan’s history of forcing South Koreans into sex slavery.   171 more words