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Chapter 2.5 The Pink Lady

Authors Note: Sorry this took so long to get out.  I had a hell of a job getting the cafe pictures right.  Trying to get all three of them to sit in the right places long enough without that goofy look sims sometimes have on their faces was a nightmare!  1,696 more words

Generation 2

The Barmy Hellene: Alexander's last speech

‘Until where, Alexander?’ said a voice from the war-beaten crowd that had gathered to hear him speak at the brim of the known world. Standing in the centre of Asia, their lord had proclaimed complete control over the once-bustling and lively country of Persia that had once lacerated his homeland. 1,066 more words

History And Mythology

Energy Update on Completion and Grounding Into 5D ~ April 24, 2018

Alexander shares his latest message on the current energies of the last week through his own experience in acceptance, release, and embracing the faith necessary to navigate through this period.

Baseball Season

I love, love, love that Alex decided to try baseball this year. I mean, look at this:

Alex is #3 and this is what I like to think of as a “classic” baseball pose.


The Concept of Time in 5D and How to Change Your Habits ~ April 24, 2018

Alexander touches on the idea of time, its confines in 3D, and how to look at it from a 5D perspective and accept its new form. 19 more words

The great Alex?

Common Knowledge, Chedine, Team Athena 

It is safe to say, that when you ask people about a story they will give you the same answer or at least have the same idea of what you are asking. 408 more words

"He was a pretty great guy"

Common Knowledge, Billy, Team Hera

For this blog about Alexander the Great I interviewed my three friends Eduardo, Bobby, and Robert, all Brooklyn College freshman like me. 300 more words