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Philip II: Thebes, Phalanx, and Aristotle

While young, Philip was held hostage in Thebes. Now, when I say “hostage”, he was royalty and treated like royalty but he just wasn’t allowed to go anywhere and was indoctrinated in the Theban culture and civilization. 640 more words


An Ancient Response to the Greatest Threat to Mankind

As I began to talk about in my last post, there is no sane reason for men like Alexander or Caesar to want to conquer such large swaths of territory. 194 more words


The Stigma Behind Mental Illness, And Why We Cannot Use It To Explain The Flight 9525 Crash

On March 24th, media outlets worldwide reported of the 9525 plane crash in the French Alps, the world soon shocked to hear of the deaths of all 150 passengers.   731 more words


Major Difference Between Cats and Dogs

I leave my house once or twice a month for three days typically. Now.. I have a cat and a dog. They can always sense when I’m leaving again and the difference is hilarious. 337 more words


Disney: It's Happening

The pitiful paid time off that I was given during my various jobs as a nurse never left much wiggle room for vacations. We were very luckily able to make a Parents-Only-Romantic-Vacation happen not just once, but twice, during the last few years thanks to going at really random times, saving up a year’s worth of paid time off, and, most importantly, amazing, phenomenal, grandparents who were willing to watch Alex while we sat on beaches. 315 more words


Bright Days

A poem to the good days,
Where life sticks in place.
Where friends laugh in chorus,
In sinking summer Sun.

Makes way for the moonlight, 68 more words


I’m A Rhino, Are You? A Review of Scott Alexander’s 'Rhinoceros Success'

I am proud to be a rhinoceros! When I started my career in sales at age 20 as a pots-and-pans peddler, I had the great fortune of reading Scott Alexander’s classic book, Rhinoceros Success. 817 more words