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Duncan Hunter Calls For Millions To Die

A name flew onto my radar this morning … Duncan Hunter … Duncan Hunter … the name rings a bell … {quickly scanning past posts} … AHA!  23 more words


Do you know my boy Alexander?

(4) create a title that distinguishes your post from all the others (6) write at least 250 words about: What is similar about the answers you received?  226 more words

Opportunity to Celebrate Milestones

Hi kids,

I wanted to write you this morning and say hi.  I am sorry I did not write yesterday but your dad and I had a date night. 453 more words



Mother of all cream drinks, the Alexander first appeared at Rector’s, the legendary New York City Lobster palace in 1900. Officials of the Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western Railroad had arranged for a dinner party at the restaurant to celebrate their new ad campaign, featuring a fictitious character named… 631 more words


So, In Rage, You Took A Swing.

To Xander,

I wanted to let you know I forgive you. You were rebelling every chance you got.  I never forget you trying to take a swing at me when I told you that you had to spend the weekend at your mothers. 508 more words


English Romans: the languages of cinema

In the olden days, if you were putting on a play set in ancient Rome — or indeed any country in any time period — you would make your actors speak the Queen’s English. 1,153 more words

Werner Herzog