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What is Your Drug?

God did not create religion. He created man, he then commanded man to multiply and fill the earth. In that very instant, he gave man a  precious gift; love, because he said; Love me, then love your brother like you would yourself. 639 more words

Alexandrian Tales

Twenty-one Curses

It is looming like the sword of Damocles. After my post a few weeks ago regarding communications, I made some headway that shed light on my personal relationships. 593 more words

Alexandrian Tales


A blank slate.  I’ve hit a wall and I’m intently searching the recesses of my mind for anything worth writing, a scribble even. Really, it’s not that I’ve hit a wall. 233 more words

Alexandrian Tales

The Preacher's Daughter

Matilda sat on the first row. Clasped hands to her midriff, the holy book at her heel, listening to congregate voices, bellowing a tone she’d known since was born with all their energy, they sounded like an approaching thunderstorm.  815 more words

Alexandrian Tales

Liebster Award Nomination

Hi there,

In 2017, I made a decision to follow through on a dream of mine, I am overjoyed that I stuck by that decision and believed in my ability as a creative writer. 875 more words

Alexandrian Tales

How I Spent Easter

Hello again,

Today is a special day because I’m doing something I never do, i.e blogging on a Sunday.  I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter and if you’re not, never forget that every situation in life is only temporary, look upon the cross and his glory will surely shine on you. 661 more words

Alexandrian Tales

Don't Go into the Woods

“Fear is a misperceived and overexaggerated event borne of the human ID.

What do you think is out there, human or monster? Micheal mused

“I dunno”,  Alexander was un-flinched by the wild bush and thorns before them, “Only one way to find out”, she stepped forward. 860 more words

Alexandrian Tales