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The Old Watch

Over wide stone and earth,
Laying on dust of crumb.
Death springs with given birth,
To tread where body numb.
On the soaring heat and rock, confluence in sum… 73 more words



The first touch of a tapestry texture,
tracing patterns designed with a festival in mind,
for your virgin eyes
in the headlights of the rave life. 112 more words


The Sea of Space

In a solitude of the sea,
Far beyond of morality,
That burns a deep of wondrous curiosity.

Countless stars that ebbs and flow
Circling course the seeds would grow. 86 more words



Moving freely and wandering about the time,
the cat walks, the cat shifts, the cat stops for licking,
closes one eye, opens the other, flicks an ear… 182 more words


Better Than Nothing (Alexandrine)

To walk in light
Than in sin’s iron fetter,
Stumbling in the filthy gutter
At night.

Will pass away
As mice and bats’ playthings, 65 more words


a man i know

for Justin, a man I used to know

i know a man, although i could name more than few,
whose dark curled roots do gleam, as freshly-tarred ground, 50 more words


Furrows (Alexandrine)

From old,
Often plow blades
Furrow, fearless and bold:
Worry, Despair: ruthlessly cold.
So pray.

The yoke
Of slavery
Gone like a plume of smoke: 29 more words