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Blacktip Ague Ravages Blacktip Island Populace

Larvae of the mosquitoes Blacktip Island health officials say carry the tropical fever sweeping the small Caribbean island. (photo courtesy of James Gathany, CDC)

An unseasonal outbreak of Blacktip ague this week has Blacktip Island public health officials concerned about the population’s collective health as flu season approaches. 386 more words


Mr. X's Poetry: The Blue of the Fire

The orange turns to yellow, rage so red now smoke.

The tower’s white and cloud-like, arms of heat now low.

The wind has calmed the fiery feelings down to ease. 10 more words


Book 1 Stanza 2

He meets her and they walk, from the forum down streets
Thronged with joyous revellers. Pace by pace they tread on.
That light of day reigns high, time lasts under that sky. 72 more words


Book 1 Stanza 1

Stone soft walls with colour, that hue of a setting
Sun as her hair sparkles, Phoebus looks with hard eyes,
Through the still languid air. Air full up with dust’s taint. 89 more words


Walking Trees (Alexandrine)

I see—
Now You’re talking—
Men like tall oak trees,
Blurry and blown by a strong breeze,

You place
Your hands again
On my—less sightless—face, 30 more words


Mr. X's Poetry: To Live & Die a Man

From womb to tomb, from cradle’s resting grave,

We grow upon our life – from boys to men

And men we love so varied in the saves… 115 more words


Funereal Reflections

Funereal Reflections

The world moves on in timeless reverie
while doves o’er head turn westward to their homes, beyond.
Yon raven waits upon a gnarly tree. 210 more words