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the sea water following in the ancestral serpent's wake

The sea water following in the serpent’s wake, swarming in a frenzy of tidal waves, soon changes colour from ocean blue to the yellow of mud.

(Alexis Wright, Carpentaria 1)


The power of art: does it move you?

If, as Duchamp said, art is the interaction between the object of scrutiny and the viewer, then what is our role in that interaction, as viewers? 898 more words

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Carpentaria, by Alexis Wright 

I may have mentioned before that I enjoyed this book.

It is huge, and difficult, and sublime, and it is all the better for being all of those things. 758 more words

The Swan Book

The Swan Book by Alexis Wright is not an easy read.

The narration bounces between characters’ minds, omniscient but still unreliable. It took me a long time to figure out who the characters were, and through out the story, I had trouble figuring out what was a flashback or a memory. 278 more words

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le plumage d'un cygne  

Un cygne qui s’était évadé de sa cage,
Et, de ses pieds palmés frottant le pavé sec,
Sur le sol raboteux traînait son blanc plumage.

20 more words

Winston Churchill's swans, their graves

She saw small graves of black swans with people standing around the little brown plots of earth, including Sir Winston Churchill, mourning his war gift from Australia before World War II.

10 more words