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The Swan Book

The Swan Book by Alexis Wright is not an easy read.

The narration bounces between characters’ minds, omniscient but still unreliable. It took me a long time to figure out who the characters were, and through out the story, I had trouble figuring out what was a flashback or a memory. 278 more words

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le plumage d'un cygne  

Un cygne qui s’était évadé de sa cage,
Et, de ses pieds palmés frottant le pavé sec,
Sur le sol raboteux traînait son blanc plumage.

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Winston Churchill's swans, their graves

She saw small graves of black swans with people standing around the little brown plots of earth, including Sir Winston Churchill, mourning his war gift from Australia before World War II.

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Warren Finch's cat

She was guided by an orange, grey, black and white marbled cat that ran ahead and led her into its favourite room.

(Alexis Wright, The Swan Book, ‘The Christmas house’)


salt lake country

They felt the presence of the enormous white glistening body that contained the quietness of a resting serpent spirit fellow who was listening deeply to hear even an insect perching on its skin, come there to recite its song.

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Asking the breezes to send greetings to a time when women stitched those white and gold swans in treasured embroidery that became heirlooms, before they fled along broad rivers towards the sea where white soot-stained swans were nesting in the burnt marshes.

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a chat

Whaay? Whaay? Why? And early may? A lone, brightly coloured yellow chat whistled from the top of the Crossed Boomerang Memorial, its longing song about ancestral ties went wafting down into the ears of the poverty people standing around below, who looked as though the sky was about to fall on top of them.

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