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The Writer and the Critic: Episode 61

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Abilene's hairy body, her rotting teeth

A true, live wild pig whose grossly overgrown, black hairy body and a head filled with brown, rotting teeth, roamed with her legend across the whole length and breadth of the Gulf of Carpentaria.

(Alexis Wright, Carpentaria, ch. 4)


the beam from a kangaroo spotter

The yellow beam from the kangaroo spotter jerked all over the countryside, picking up images of Kevin staccato, then in slow motion.

(Alexis Wright, Carpentaria, ch. 4)


dragonflies flying around Choice

‘Elias always believed his own stories,’ Norm said through his eyes, while his jaws tightened with a sense of resignation, while he continued to look out the window at the dragonflies—blue, red, green—flying around Elias’s boat.

(Alexis Wright, Carpentaria 4)


pages, thousands of inked words

In those yellowing pages chewed by defecating vermin lay thousands of blue-inked words describing countless years of hot-collared Shire Council meetings debating imagined threats of invasion.

(Alexis Wright, Carpentaria 3)


Desperance police station

In his abundant spare time, the mild-mannered law enforcer had created around the grey besser brick building beautiful rose gardens that Uptown women now liked to walk in and admire.

(Alexis Wright, Carpentaria 3)


a floral china cup, a heavy earthenware cup

Even before a single sip of tea from a rose floral china cup, or any old tin pannikin with the scratched initials of the owner’s name on the side, or plastic mug, or heavy earthenware cup of fawn and brown, had reached dry lips, bringing some life and sense of propriety back into the bleak faces of all who dwelled safely within this world of Uptown, everyone knew something was amiss.

(Alexis Wright, Carpentaria 3)