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What I wish for you are warm currents of blue, gently carrying you your whole day through.

May shimmering sunlight bathe you in silver, spreading sparkling bubbles to make senses shiver.


Expat Goodbyes...

I’m not a huge social media person, particularly not on Facebook, but in our year here I’ve been very thankful to have the advice and support of the English Speak Mums/Moms in Paris Facebook group. 234 more words


Visitors Galore....

We were so excited to have another couple rounds of visitors – Kate & Hayley joined us for almost a week in Paris (during the heat wave, lucky them!), and as a bonus, we got to see Cody for a few hours when he swung through Paris with his school trip. 71 more words


Last day of School!

The last day of school was July 7th, and Kyan and Avynn were happy to finally be done! What a year it’s been – I’m so proud of how they handled their year of school in a foreign country. 190 more words


Banksy Art in Paris...

Something that has been in the local news in Paris recently is excitement about the appearance of Banksy street art. Banksy is an anonymous street artist (or graffitti artist, if you prefer), famous for erecting politically judgemental artwork in various cities throughout the world. 34 more words


Hidden Gem....Love Wall

Thanks to Hayley for sharing this “hidden gem” with me – the Love Wall in Montmartre. It’s located in Square Jehan Rictus, Place des Abesses, 75018 Paris. 31 more words