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Majorette 3 and 5 pack found at Marshalls

Here I was minding my own business. I went into Marshall’s for a look around for some action figures or something of the sort. And then I saw these boxes. 218 more words


Cars of Tintin Series - Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1955

Till now we have been following the cars in “The Red Sea Sharks”. Tintin and Captain Haddock met their old friend Gen Alcazar, who had been acting very suspiciously. 533 more words

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Beautifully flawed but the Giulietta is an Alfa Romeo after all

I wheel a Globe-Trotter suitcase with me on flights these days. To be honest, it’s not lightest or the most practical trunk on the carousel but hell, does it look good. 91 more words

Alfa Romeo

DNA? Nothing to do with the family in an Alfa Romeo...

Italians love family more than EastEnders but the DNA switch in a Giulietta has nothing to do with the relations.

Everycar has to have driving modes these days it seems but the Alfa system was introduced way back in 2008. 91 more words

Alfa Romeo

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta's quirky ways will either amuse or frustrate you...

When I was 22, I rented a property on an estate where all the houses were the same. One day I came home, parked on the drive and went to open to front door. 199 more words

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Old Alfas don't die - they just rust away. Thankfully, the latest Giulietta won't

I should declare an interest from the start. The first car I bought was an Alfa Romeo GT Junior. To me it looked like a mini Jag (well it was the 1980s), came loaded with Italian promise and was painted a sexy shade of red. 169 more words

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