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What's it all about, Alfie?

If I can’t keep my mind still, I let Alfie, the heron who rooks on the bank opposite my dock, do the meditating for me. He’s terribly good at it, even when the red winged blackbirds give him no peace. 250 more words


Birthday and Brighton

Another year amassed! My birthday was duly celebrated and then the family had a break in Brighton with my brother and Alfie’s cousins.

The weather was pretty good considering. 36 more words


How gluten works by Alfie

Gluten is found in flour.Glutenin and gliadin mixd together and make gluten.Gluten traps air.All different flours have different amounts of gluten.

Cake has a little bit of gluten got only enough for it to be able to stand up.And bread his got a loot of gluten. 45 more words

Ako Learning

Back from Malta

We had a great time in Malta. My family has some good time – here Alfie is getting ready to explore the rock pools.

The bridge went well as well with smiles all round. 43 more words


In Malta

I am in Malta for Mr Bridge’s first holiday in St Paul’s Bay.

I have my family with me. Here they are enjoying the Aquarium. 26 more words

Alfie (1966): Michael Caine and the meaning of life

by Paul Batters

‘I don’t know, it seems to me that if they ain’t got you one way, they’ve got you another. So what’s the answer? 2,881 more words

Michael Caine on 1960s London: "Everybody Seemed to Become Famous"

When it comes to some celebrities, we like to keep things on a Need To Know basis.

But when we heard an interview with British actor… 809 more words

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