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things i don't like about yoga

Let me preface this post by saying that I do lots of yoga, probably an average of four or five times a week. It’s been a great benefit to me. 899 more words

The '70's Redhead Stereotype

How could we be proud of being a redhead back in ’70’s with the terrible caricature of red hair illustrated by Mad’s Alfred E Neuman? With his ruddy complexion, ears that stuck out, crooked teeth and stupid grin, he was the… 43 more words

Do you worry about how much you should worry about writing?

It almost doesn’t matter whether you believe worrying about writing is helpful or not. Bobby McFerrin likes to sing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” but if you’re worried, you’re worried, and it might not be so helpful to have Bobby tell you not to worry, because then you’ll also have to worry about disappointing him. 340 more words

Tips For Overcoming Writer's Block And Procrastination

Mad Model Maker, 1965

Polaroid of my friend Bill Leach building & painting an Aurora Alfred E. Neuman model kit, age 8, 1965, Fremont, CA.  Photo by Bill’s mom.  Bill grew up to publish EC fanzine “Horror from the Crypt of Fear”.

Mad Victorians, c.1880s

Comic pix holy grail: cardboard-mounted albumen print with pre-MAD appearance of Alfred E. Neuman.

Ivanstein, c.2010

Portrait of a mad photo collector. Photobooth, Musee Mechanique, San Francisco, c.2010. With 1908 Antikamnia pain pills calendar featuring pre-Mad Alfred E. Neuman character (“It didn’t hurt a bit”).

What, Me Worry?

Anyone who is a boomer will remember the iconic picture of the fictional Alfred E.
Neuman– big ears, tooth gap, and the vacant look of someone who doesn’t think about much of anything. 155 more words

Spirituality And Prayer