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Week 17: Torn Curtain (1966), Realism, and Steven Spielberg

Disclaimer: This essay discusses spoilers for Torn Curtain. If you want to avoid spoilers, watch the movie first!

Remember how in Week 8 I talked about how weird it is for Hitchcock to be doing a spy picture? 2,988 more words


Alfred Hitchcock, Psycho and the Question of Madness

On the 29th of April 1980, Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock died aged 80 in Bel Air, California. Justifiably crowned with the title of the master of suspense, he produced and directed some of the most i… 9 more words


29th April - On This Day In History


1933 Willie Nelson (country singer)


1980 Alfred Hitchcock (film director)

On This Day:

1991 Croatia declares its independence

Have a good Friday, 29th April… 8 more words

The Phantom Fiend - (1932) - [Public Domain Movies]

The first talking remake of the 1927 Alfred Hitchcock classic, The Lodger. Stars Ivor Novello in the role of the lodger and an early appearance by…

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Cinema And The Ear

Walter Murch said ” We begin to hear before we are born, four and a half months after conception. From then on , we develop in a continuous and luxurious bath of sound (….) throughout the second four and a half months , sound rules as solitary queen of the senses” (Murch 143) .When I think back to silent films I generally find it very hard to imagine going to see a movie that didn’t have any sound for in 2016 I am the sort of person who goes to see a film and comes out amazed at not only the vocal acting ability of the many talented actors but also the incredible soundtracks from a film . 452 more words

Mini-Review - "Marnie" (1964)

This was an odd film for Hitchcock to make – A film where the cool, beauty and intoxicating blonde becomes the lead character.

In most Alfred Hitchcock films, the lead female is there to make the protagonist hot under the collar, usually there to demonstrate their impotence. 327 more words


What's on Netflix, May 2016

The answer is… sort of nothing. I mean, there’s a few movies definitely worth watching, but for the majority this month seems like a good chance to catch up on things if you’re behind. 193 more words