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Something That Makes You Sad

My mentor, and great friend and confidante and idol and an amazing photographer and beautiful soul and wonderful woman, was waxing poetic about photography to me today in a message exchange. 161 more words

The Highwayman: Through the Eyes of Tim

By Lexie, Class of 2019

Lurking in the barn,

the cattle lowing,

all was quaint and silent,

until the cobblestone began popping.


The moon glistened on his velvet cloak, 364 more words

Creative Writing

Wizards, by Alfred Noyes

I’m on a poetry kick…I’m not even gonna apologize.


There’s many a proud wizard in Araby and Egypt

Can read the silver writing of the stars as they run; 171 more words


My Poems of Choice

The assignment for poetry was to select a poem that you like and explain why it resonates with you. Two poems immediately came to my mind. 1,276 more words


The Elfin Artist

The Elfin Artist from The Elfin Artist and Other Poems, 1920 ~ WONDERFUL poem!!!!!!!!! how I wish I wrote it – but it’s by Alfred Noyes… 268 more words


Review: The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes ( Poem)

Title: The Highwayman (Poem)

Author: Alfred Noyes

Published: 1906 (Blackwood’s Magazine)

Star Rating: 5/5

I remember reading this fantastic poem at school, when I was about nine years old, and having to act it out for a History or English lesson, and perhaps at the time, I didn’t appreciate it’s quality and it’s pure excellence. 192 more words