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Soy salmon slapped on summer....greens!

So with it being so damn hot at the moment I try and limit my food to things I don’t have to cook, things I cook on the BBQ and things I can cook quickly without making the kitchen too hot. 297 more words

Fitness And Nutrition

Alfresco and Solr - Search, Reindexing and Index Cluster Size

A question came up from a colleague recently, driven by a customer question. When is it appropriate to increase the number of Alfresco Index Servers running… 1,006 more words

Activiti System Administration

I completed my third Alfresco University Class, Activity System Administration.  According to the  ‘Alfresco Activity Certified Administrator’ (AACA) blueprint , I should be good to take my first test. 104 more words


Activiti 101

I completed my second Alfresco University Class, Activiti 101  I decided a quick win of Alfresco Activity Certified Administrator AACA certification would be a good route to go with only 3 classes. 99 more words


Alfresco 101

I completed my first Alfresco University Class.  I decided to start with the basics.

Alfresco 101

The format was power point slides with a good voice over.   243 more words


Alfresco Training Blueprints

I have sequenced the Alfresco University Classes for all the 3 certifications.

Here they are sequenced together, below individually.

  1. Alfresco Activiti 101 Course (ACA & AACA) Completed OnDemand 12.23.16…
  2. 286 more words