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Dinner is served

Pork ribs slow cooked then finished on the grill. Accompaniments: sliced potatoes and onions grilled in a foil packet with a little butter and pepper; and cauliflower rolled in flour, egg washed, rolled in panko crumbs, then sauteed, served with feta, and mint fresh from the garden.  15 more words

Let's go for a picnic!

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a laze about in the fields type of girl. However, I do love a good picnic. And by good picnic I mean I need all my necessities! 183 more words


Day 7: We are fucking tired, and oh, Lima 

I need to figure out if sleeplessness is a symptom of altitude sickness. I slept for a good 3-4 hours and I wasn’t coughing as much but I still kept waking up every few hours for some reason. 445 more words

Peru, 2017

Farmhouse Build Update 15 : Benji's Visit

Isla Skye is in pre-primary and they have a class mascot – a teddy bear named Benji. She wanted to show Benji her new bedroom, and we took the opportunity to measure the window frames for curtains etc. 98 more words

Build Updates

Digital Transformation - What we can actually do!

Since quite a while when I am reading or watching IT News or just looking in some social media channels the term “Digital Transformation” pops up. 1,291 more words


Al Fresco Accessories

Spring warm weather always comes with joy, sun and the want for outdoor entertainment. Fun and colorful accessories for the backyard or a picnic in the park add a happy touch to any meal. 36 more words

This & That

(Possibly) Enhancing Alfresco Search Part 2 - Google Cloud's Natural Language API

In the first article in this series, we took a look at using Stanford’s CoreNLP library to enrich Alfresco Content Services metadata with some natural language processing tools.   1,260 more words