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Steak Dinner for One (or...I'm Alright)

Dining alone has never been my first choice. In fact, if pressed to rank my preferences, it would come in dead last. At some point in our lives, I suppose we’ve all had to endure a solitary dining experience. 515 more words

August 22nd - Alfresco

Alfresco – adj or adv: taking place or located in the open air: outdoor, outdoors

I’m all for communing with nature; right up until the moment I have to poop alfresco.

365 Words Challenge

SharePoint and Alfresco Comparison Whitepaper - Now Available

TSG has teamed with Micro Strategies to produce a whitepaper detailing key differences between SharePoint and Alfresco.  This post will present the executive summary.

To get a copy of the full whitepaper – please… 992 more words


WebDAV, Cyberduck - upload bulk files into Alfresco


WebDAV is very convenient way to upload bulk files into Alfresco.  Unlike FTP and CIFS, it is ready to use when you install Alfresco, and because it is HTTP-based it works fairly trouble-free through firewalls. 276 more words


ECM Disruptors – Open Source, The Cloud, Software as a Service and Big Data – What are clients doing?

When it comes to new technology, one Accenture partner once shared an interesting analogy comparing new technology to teenager vices.  Everyone is talking about it, few are doing it, and those that are doing it aren’t doing it very well.    710 more words


Python CMIS Scripts for Alfresco


CMIS stands for Content Management Interoperability Services.  Using CMIS within Python scripts is a handy way to export/import data from/to Alfresco (or any other CMIS-compliant document management system) or do mass updates of data within Alfresco.   467 more words