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Coffee Case Study

Medium model from 2012: downtrend from 2012 to 2015 and on, with a local high at beginning of 2014.

Adding Short model from 2012: Short model correlates with Medium model and the price until start of 2013. 37 more words

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Teva Case Study

Medium model since 2012: 3 years ahead, the model correlates with price, no inverse.

Short and Medium models for 2012, a closer look, year ahead: 59 more words

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Niraj Goel – A Great Mentor and Motivator

Motivation is the only driving force that helps us get though even the toughest of times and the most dreadful challenges. As long as your inspiration level is high, nothing would stay impossible. 217 more words


CHF-JPY Case Study

Implementing the Medium model from 2012. The model is consistent till end-2014.

Implementing Medium and Short models from 2012:

Implementing Medium and Medium Detailed from 2013: 76 more words

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AUD-USD Case Study

Implementing Medium model since 2012. Shows a long decline still end of 2014.

Implementing Medium model and comparing from 2012 (brown), 2013 (dark green) 2014 (green) and 2015 (red) shows the model is consistent along the years, no inverse happened, 120 more words

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Niraj Goel’s Contribution In Technology

Niraj Goel is an Indian technopreneur, and highly successful business who was born in 1969. He is currently doing business in Singapore with other branches spread across India, United States, Germany, etc. 197 more words