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Strange. Israel denies electricity to Gaza and UN blames Palestinians for crisis

UN blames Palestinians for electricity crisis Israel caused in Gaza

Ali Abunimah  Rights and Accountability 14 June 2017

A senior UN official is blaming Palestinians for the… 944 more words


Palestinian Arabs violate Israel’s “right to exist” simply by existing themselves and procreating on their own land  

In his book The Battle for Justice in Palestine: The Case for a Single Democratic State in Palestine,  Ali Abunimah uses a sort of test for moral action to address Israel’s claim of legitimacy and its “right” to exist as a Jewish state in historic Palestine. 653 more words


Sanction all those illegal Israeli settlement goods and services

Sanction all Israeli settlement goods and services, Amnesty demands

Ali Abunimah Rights and Accountability 7 June 2017

Human rights organizations are finally catching up with the Palestinian-led… 492 more words


First step to end apartheid: End all business in Israeli settlements

End all business in Israeli settlements, says Human Rights Watch

Palestinian working in settlement factories receive $2 per hour, a third of Israel’s minimum wage. 1,508 more words


No One Needs Fake Friends. But...

Regarding what seems to be happening on The Electronic Intifada website, in relation to my efforts to have a voice there, I can only agree that no one needs fake friends. 1,467 more words