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A Video Everyday Keeps me Motivated

Hi all,

Came across this video in the internet today – A  interview of Jack Ma with Charlie Rose at the Davos World Economic Forum… 117 more words

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Ali baba: My Marriage Has Not Been A Walk In The Park For Me

Ali baba: My Marriage Has Not Been A Walk In The Park For Me
Comedian Ali Baba told Punch that his marriage life has not been easy. 185 more words

Sesame PART 2

There was a lot of sesame. The disciples were thrilled by this groundbreaking achievement. They all started to sing joyfully and soon people began to take notice of it. 637 more words

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Alibaba Pictures Acquires Cinema Ticketing Software Provider

Alibaba Pictures has acquired Guangdong Yueke company which shall increase its presence in entertainment industry.

Latest Alibaba news surrounds the latest acquisition that happened. The e-commerce giant has not only been seen as one of the most prominent but also one of the most promising companies that have taken the monetization aim to another whole new level, also the company has begun marking its presence globally by extending the initial online store to the ‘Cloud Hospital’ and now also with the presence in entertainment industry. 358 more words


Ali Baba Reacts to Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa, Says ‘Let us ask MTN, DSTV, Banks, Shoprite to Close Shop

comedian-ali-baba-opens-up-on-homosexuality-and-anti-gay-laws-see-what-he-said-photoIn a reaction to the xenophobic attacks against African migrants in South Africa, comedian Ali Baba has called for the Nigerian Government to give the South African Government a 48-hour ultimatum for all attacks to be stopped. 115 more words


Sesame PART 1

Bill Shovelface, a 19-year-old boy from Sesame Island was three months away from finishing his training in the “All There Is To Know About Sesame Seeds” 12-year course and he was facing the biggest decision of his life. 411 more words

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