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Tencent Finally Slows Down In Heated War Against Alibaba

The online retailer is battling with Tencent at a time when the state has forced both of them to shut down their storage and sharing services… 482 more words


The Story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Ali Baba, a poor woodcutter, had a rich brother, Kasim, who never shared any of his money with his brother. Instead, he treated Ali Baba, his wife and son badly. 791 more words


“Open sesame” ordered Ali Baba. And he wasn’t disappointed

Say the words: “Open sesame!” … and Ruby will be revealed. And then later again, and you’ll be in heaven.

But first, just like Ali Baba, you need to know where the treasure is, and believe me, it’s easy to miss! 368 more words


Alibaba AI Surprises Many In Singing Competition

The artificial intelligence system of Alibaba surprised many people by correctly predicting the winner of a singing competition

Forget that artificial intelligence can only be used for playing board games.  470 more words


Alibaba Integrates Tmall-Operated Business In Healthcare Division

Alibaba is interested in integrating  a Tmall-operated business into Alibaba Health Information Technology to expand its healthcare business.

Alibaba is deliberating to inject a health supplements and food business into its publicly traded healthcare division after the two organizations dropped their plans of exchanging an e-pharmacy business in a deal worth $2.5 billion. 440 more words


Airtel to sponsor Julius Agwu’s Laff 4 Christ Sake city tour

Laff 4 Christ Sake, an evening of gospel rhythms and jokes, is a premium comedy brand created over 10 years ago by one of Nigeria’s biggest comedy exports, Julius Agwu, and it normally takes place during the Easter celebrations and other festive periods. 267 more words

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Alibaba Stands Out As Chinese Economy Shifts To Consumption

Alibaba earnings have beaten the expectations of analysts by 11% at a time when the Chinese economy is shifting from manufacturing to consumption.

The delicate transition of China to a new model for economic growth might begin to at least pay off, as far as some of the consumer-oriented and earnings of largest companies are concerned. 457 more words