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Teach for mastery, not test scores.

Sal Khan’s most important ideas I’ve heard over the years are compressed in his short but powerful TED talk he gave recently. Changing education is probably one of the most important decisions towards a more utopian society. 69 more words


Tangiers - a day trip to Morocco

This morning the taxi driver was hyperactive. Must be this local beer-for-breakfast thing.

We had music cranked up – jiggling and grooving in the front seat – imitation gun shots with the right hand (apparently the music was just like James Bond) – and the following display of English – “welcome welcome” “good morning””it is a wonderful wonderful day” “Tarifa is here to make you happy” “don’t worry be happy” “good hey” “music like film” “just like James Bond” “very much like film” “so happy happy happy” “Tarifa is here to make you happy” (again) – and a long description of how his little son slept in and tried to get out of school… 796 more words

What kind of Melayu wears Bersih 5.0 yellow shirt?

The mammoth street rally planned next month (Nov 19) to try and topple the Najib government is being mobilized by DAP.

Bersih 5.0 however took care yesterday to showcase some Malay faces at the flag-off of their convoys in six locations (see map). 1,427 more words

Melayu Skru Melayu

The Muffled Silence

via Daily Prompt: Silence (another part from what will become an “Aladdin” story).

She swung the double doors open of her father’s study, she flung the royal purple curtains away from the opening revealing herself to her father, who sat at his desk, his quill still moving furiously across the parchment. 1,750 more words