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I Will Not Elbow My Way Through To Stand In Saratok, says Mawan

BAU: SPDP president Tan Sri William Mawan said he would not elbow his way through to stand in Saratok in the impending general election, stressing that its MP Jelaing Mersat was still in the running to defend the seat. 525 more words


Senator George Chan, Peter Nyarok, Gabby Adit Take Oath Please!

All is not lost to SUPP in the recently concluded 10th Sarawak state election. While SUPP is officially (heh!) a Dayak party by now, SUPP can expect to enjoy at least a bit of salvation by UMNO – in the form of senatorship. 467 more words

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Dayak Nudist, To Walk Naked From Wisma Saberkas To Electra House?

Linda on October 14th, 2010 6:25 pm:

“Enti PKR bisi menang in any Dayak majority seat in the coming state election ,I am prepared to walk naked from Wisma Sebrekas to Sarawak Electra House.Any taker?

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Politic Of Donkeys