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The Chinese dragon threatens Lucknow's Chikankari

LUCKNOW: In the last few years, Chinese products have invaded Indian markets big time. Be it electronics or toys or household items or cheap fabric, the made-in-China label is all pervasive. 761 more words


Bahrain Puts 11-year-old on Trial over Protests

Playing in the street with your friends could land you in a Bahraini jail, as sixth-grader Ali Hasan has discovered. Charged with taking part in an illegal gathering and allegedly blocking a road, the 11-year-old had spent a month in prison before being bailed out last week where he was allowed to take his final school exams. 396 more words


Schoolboy, 11, spent a month in prison after ‘illegal’ rally

A boy of 11 was freed after spending a month in jail for allegedly taking part in anti-government protests.

Ali Hasan was forced to take school exams while jailed on charges of joining an illegal gathering, protesting in a public place and ‘disrupting general security’ and will still face trial. 160 more words


Song picturisation of film Daal me Kuch Kaala Hai at Dara Da Dhaba near Mira Road

Deepak Bali and Urvashi of D Bali films had to shoot the song of their maiden film Daal Me Kuch Kaala Hai at Mira Road as Raja Chaudhry can’t shoot in Mumbai as he has been banned by the Mumbai police from entering Mumbai for one year. 71 more words

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Colorado's Ali Hasan, 'Muslims For Bush' Leader Shows True Colors: Blue Blood

Former RINO GOP candidate for Colorado Treasurer,  who was trounced at the assembly and eliminated from the primary,  Muhammed Ali Hasan, has reportedly been wooed big time by hottie Nancy Pelosi, and has now reverted to being a Dem.   169 more words


Colo. Republican Ali Hasan Supports Ground Zero Mosque: 'Muslims for Bush' Founder Attacks Opponents As "Bigots"

Wealthy Colorado Republican health care scion, Muhammad Ali Hasan, wrote an op-ed in the Huffington Post Tuesday supporting the building of the controversial mega-Mosque next door to Ground Zero, the site of the  9-11 World Trade Center attacks.   815 more words