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Keep On Keepin' On

Day to day can be so tough. It might be that same project you’ve been trying to work on for weeks, or a series of calls from people you don’t want to talk to that seemingly get booked back to back for weeks on end, or those emails that just keep piling up because they take more time to research and answer than you can manage while glancing at through them while on your smart phone at the grocery store line. 460 more words

Gen X And Y

My Tweetures 2013

My first tweet was a reply to Paulo Coelho. I had just read “The Alchemist”. It was therefore interesting to see his name on my screen. 1,062 more words

A Short Hop to Become a Lemonade Maker (and an awesome blogger)!

Welcome Blog Hoppers!

As part of my learning curve of being a new author, I’ve been learning how to become a better blogger, to reach out to people, for it is my belief that if I reach a larger audience, I can share the lessons and and even add to the messages from my book. 577 more words

On Becoming A Lemonade Maker

Writing Part-time

I have a DayJob. Which means I write when I can. I squeeze it in when there’s time. I hope that the muse is inspired then, that there are no doggie emergencies or phone calls so I don’t have to run away halfway through. 236 more words


FRIDAY FORAGE – 2013/08/16


Aaralyn’s Song is transforming–and in a good way. The POV shift chapters are developing nicely, marinating, as it were. 150 more words

Writing/Reading Challenges

Week in Review – 2013/07/29 – 2013/08/04


Taking the weekend off from writing is weird, yet refreshing. I dove in, teeth bared and wrote August 1st and 2nd. So far, this weekend, this post is the only writing I’ve done, strictly speaking. 446 more words

Writing/Reading Challenges