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The American era of torture

Having just read Ali Soufan’s 2011 book, “The Black Banners,” I am more convinced than ever that our government’s era of torturing “terrorists” was not about seeking accurate information.   326 more words

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Torture Report

I’ve seen this a few times on friends’ social media pages. I would like to respond to it. First, the premise is flawed. It IS possible to be outraged by both. 532 more words

An American (minority) view on torture

I am stunned by the prevalent thread in America that asserts that torture is acceptable, even applaudable. When did this happen? I like to think that that the majority of Americans never viewed torture as acceptable, but perhaps my impression is incorrect…or I merely see what I want to see. 354 more words


The Senate CIA Torture Report, Live from Sunny Guantanamo Bay

Here’s a blast from the past:

WASHINGTON, Jan. 22 — Frustrated by an international outcry over the American treatment of prisoners in Cuba, Secretary of Defense Donald H.

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