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The American era of torture

Having just read Ali Soufan’s 2011 book, “The Black Banners,” I am more convinced than ever that our government’s era of torturing “terrorists” was not about seeking accurate information.   326 more words

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Torture Report

I’ve seen this a few times on friends’ social media pages. I would like to respond to it. First, the premise is flawed. It IS possible to be outraged by both. 532 more words

An American (minority) view on torture

I am stunned by the prevalent thread in America that asserts that torture is acceptable, even applaudable. When did this happen? I like to think that that the majority of Americans never viewed torture as acceptable, but perhaps my impression is incorrect…or I merely see what I want to see. 354 more words


The Senate CIA Torture Report, Live from Sunny Guantanamo Bay

Here’s a blast from the past:

WASHINGTON, Jan. 22 — Frustrated by an international outcry over the American treatment of prisoners in Cuba, Secretary of Defense Donald H.

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Who are the militants battling for control of Iraq?

Over the last few days, the militant group ISIS has taken control of Iraqi cities, including Mosul .There are fears Baghdad could also fall into their hands. 71 more words