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Technicals Talk: ALI (13 Oct 2017)

The stock has been trading downwards for almost a month now and has already breached its 20-d MA and most recently, its 50-d MA support. This is after the stock reached its record high at 46.10. 52 more words


Mending, Moving and Money

Hey All! It’s nearly 5 months since Jake had his life saving heart transplant and almost a whole year since we moved to Chicago! Time is a complete blur. 1,226 more words


Siapakah pemberi petunjuk yang dimaksud al-Qur'an?

Dalam al-Qur’an surat al-Ra’d (13) ayat ke-7 Allah swt menyebutkan bahwa pada setiap zaman akan ada seorang pemberi petunjuk. Kami akan membahasnya berdasarkan riwayat-riwayat muktabar di sisi syiah, siapakah yang dimaksud ayat itu? 335 more words


Maintaining Our Media Presence In Academia

Through these recently passed few weeks, I was given the amazing opportunity to attend two academic conferences, both of which were a first time experience. I showcased the Macquarie University iGEM Team’s project-HydroGEM-at the Synthetic Biology Australasia conference 2017 as well as the Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research, and my Macquarie Undergraduate Research Internship project ‘Is Butter A Villain’ in collaboration with Dr Stephney Whillier at the Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research 2017. 116 more words


The Last Time

The Last Time – Amazon link

Here it is . . . Kindle version only for the time being.

This is actually version 2.0 final.  (Probably.)  I feel like I can finally move on to other things now.  32 more words