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Being there

I was on board the Titanic
and I flew with Wilbur Wright.
I was up there with Neil Armstrong,
and at Ali’s famous fight.

But you won’t find me in history books, 20 more words

Tacizi örtbas eden müdüre işlem yok

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Ancient Iraq (Mesopotamia) and the surrounding areas are known as the Cradle of Civilization. My 2-week enlightening experience of present day Iraq proves what an amazing civilization it would have been and how resilient her people are even now. 849 more words


Darbe emirleri kayak botunda

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Emniyet ’i bombalama şifresi: Kuvvet macunu

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Re designing the torch

The torch was redesigned completely, originally it looked like this:

The photo above was used for inspiration to make a better torch. The image is taken from the game Shovel Knight in it’s first level. 39 more words


Shop Till I Drop

As a women I feel it is my duty to love shopping. The fresh oxygen the stores pump in, the feel of the shopping cart in your hands, going straight to the sale rack in the back scanning for your size… 279 more words