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DVD Obituary: Alias

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been selling off my DVDs. This post is part of a series where I briefly discuss the DVDs I’ve sold. 103 more words


What's In a Name?

I once read that the two most common ways a person will select an alias are turning his first name into a last name while picking a very common first name (thus John Doe becomes Bob Johns) or picking a famous person’s name then shrugging off the similarity (“Well, this is the first time we’ve had Johnny Carson stay with us,” is replied to with “Yeah, I get that a lot.”). 335 more words



i wake up deciding that i
care less about you than
last night’s dreams
who’s weather beaten edges still
cling to the corners of my mind… 8 more words


but i can't throw it away

you’re drifting again and
it’s funny
that i know the story
but let it unfold like crumpled pages of a first draft
and i swear i’m learning but… 13 more words


you can't, anyways

you have me feeling obligated to
conceal the storm
running through
my veins
but i am a forest fire the sheer force of which must be admired… 10 more words


Free Flow Friday

It’s a FREE FLOW FRIDAY! If you are interested in today’s word prompts, check it out. Warning: It may leave you feeling a bit anonymous in the unknown. 23 more words



Hello Everyone,

It’s a FREE FLOW FRIDAY and here is today’s prompt. FACELESS  or ALIAS

Sometimes, we can feel insecure and somewhat alone…even in a room of a thousand souls. 160 more words

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