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Visual Identity - My Alias

A name that was thought of years ago, back in secondary school, when trying to think of a gamertag to play online with friends. NebTheThird. Obviously Neb is my name backwards and the first didn’t really sound great, so i went with alliteration of the ‘T’ and chose third. 48 more words


VoK 295: DragonCast – “The Door” (S06E05 Review)


DragonCast returns to review the fifth episode of Game of Thrones Season 6, “The Door”.

Join Adam (drownedsnow), Bing (Shoeshiner), Jack (It Rhymes With Sleek), Matt (Varley), Alex (LuckyCharms), Greg (claudiusthefool), Katie (LadyGriffin), Jeff (jeff14), and Zach (Alias) for another classic Dragoncast review. 180 more words


Rewatch: “ALIAS”

For every show that comes on the air, there’s always a shelf life. Some experience it sooner than others, and some are lucky enough to be able to tell a full story, complete with many ups and downs and journeys you never knew you needed. 4,374 more words


Day 6-Someone Who Fascinates You

When I grow up, I want to be Jennifer Garner. She is beautiful in a subtle way and has this air about her that makes me think she is smart. 148 more words


Memorie Urbane 2016 presents “Memorie Urbane Weeks”

Next Friday May 20th, Memorie Urbane Festival will be introducing “Memorie Urbane Weeks”, a two-week long intense programme of events that previously has witnessed the creation of over 150 artworks scattered throughout central Italy. 208 more words

Street Art

Jake dury alias cheater

Jake Moran Dury
Age: In their 30’s

(773) 528-1618
5303 S Datura St
Littleton, CO 80120
AKA Joseph Kenneth Dury… 858 more words


VoK 290: Doctor Who Series 9 Review


Hosts Casey (Blue-eyed-queen) , Zach (Alias), and Paul (SerDinnerRoll) discuss Doctor Who series 9, speculation on future series, and a little bit of Face of Boe fanfiction. 83 more words