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To Anonymity

I have never liked attaching my real name to things I’ve posted on the internet. I’ve always told myself this is because when my nerdy preteen self first started interacting with people online in the mid-2000s, wary adults were constantly telling us that even the slightest bit of ‘real’ info would immediately allow predators to find us, and to be very, very careful with our image. 474 more words

5 Reasons Why Sydney Bristow Rocks

I recently saw the entire run of Alias and fell in love with the twisty spy show. Much of that was down to the central character of spy Sydney Bristow, played wonderfully by Jennifer Garner. 360 more words

Television Opinions

Stalked ARC (ALIAS #1) by Lisa Hughey-5/5 Star Review

Kita Kim is a strong and rebellious woman working at ALIAS (Adams-Larsen Inc. and Associates)- a PR Agency on paper but mostly deals with getting innocent people into hiding.   271 more words


Westworld Recap: 1x03 “The Stray”

Previously on Westworld: Goofus and Gallant showed up to the park to make mischief; Bernard told Dolores she’d changed; Dolores dug up a gun; some dude murdered a bunch of people with milk and it was totally freaky; Daddy: Original Flavor got retired, and Elsie worried that it was contagious; Bernard thought it might be sabotage; Maeve woke up during surgery and saw a dead Teddy in a giant tank full of temporarily dead androids. 4,870 more words


Jessica Jones, or, Better Late Than Never Right? RIGHT!?

While collecting my thoughts on the first season of Marvel’s latest Netflix offering, Luke Cage, I realized much to my dismay (and after an embarrassing amount of perusing my own blog) that I’ve yet to post anything on the first season on Jessica Jones. 530 more words


Name Me

What’s my name? Joseph. My name is Joseph.

I was given the name Joseph in honor of a great man. Don’t call me Joe if you don’t like being corrected. 883 more words


Alan Smithee

Generic pseudonym (anagram for “The Alias Man”) used in the television and movie industry to identify a director who worked on a film project but did not want his or her real name used on the screen credits of a film which may prove to be a bomb or too controversial. 81 more words

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