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Create a domain alias on Bind

zone "zone1.com" IN {
type master;
file "/var/named/data/zone1.com";

zone "zone2.com" IN {
type master;
file "/var/named/data/zone2.com";

Example zone1.com zone file:

$TTL 604800
@ IN SOA ns1.zone1.com. 46 more words

Downton Abbey + London

My mother was completely and utterly engrossed in Downton Abbey and before she passed away, she managed to convince my dad to watch an episode with her (he loved it). 298 more words

Identity Crisis

3 months into setting up my social media presence (Twitter, this blog) I finally made my way to Facebook.

Only now, joining Facebook and creating a page, do I realize there already is an Author Cindy Muir. 177 more words

Jessica Jones 4 (March 2017)

Someone’s killing capes. It’s good to see Bendis is as original as always. Besides an annoying talking heads sequence with Captain Marvel, this issue is probably the best one so far. 61 more words


Friday Flashback #293

Canadian Animation Rules!

Canadians have played a major role in the evolution of digital
imaging. Their dominance in the land of 3—D graphics is due to… 24 more words


More TV Memories - Alias.

Alias (ABC, 2001-2006)

I’ve never really been a big fan of flashy big-budget American prime-time drama series, but in the early-2000s one that caught my eye along with… 520 more words

“Jessica Jones: Alias [Vol. 3]” by Brian Bendis & Michael Gaydos

“I hate buildings.”
“You hate buildings?”
“And yet I live in New York City. So imagine how it is to be me.”

I never thought I would end up finding such a relatable character in the superhero universe.

317 more words