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Setting Up a SQL Server Alias with SharePoint Server 2010

Using a SQL Server alias, you’ll be able to change the database server in your SharePoint farm.  In addition, setting an alias should really be a best practice for most new farm builds.  296 more words

No More Hangouts

I’m not a stupid person, but I will admit to being too trusting. Despite having been victimized by a toxic narcissist and subsequently being guarded when meeting new people, I’m afraid that my natural inclination to accept people at face value is dangerous. 929 more words

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Activity vs Alias

Olles nüüd mõnda aega mänginud mõlemaid neid mänge, otsustasin veidi kirjutada sellest, kuidas mulle need meeldivad. Ütleme, et üldiselt ma pigem eelistaks Aliast mängida, kuid… 224 more words


What's next? 9 of TV's most jaw-dropping cliffhangers

Unless you’re binge-watching a series, the endless months between season finale and season premiere can be positively brutal—especially when you’re left with a game-changing mystery or a shocking revelation. 1,162 more words

Install & Configure SharePoint 2013 with SQL Client Alias

* Though this topic is very simple and highly recommended approach in the enterprise deployments, I have seen many deployments which are not following this approach. 788 more words

SharePoint 2013

Configuring SQL Server client aliases

If you block UDP port 1434 or TCP port 1433 on the computer that is running SQL Server, you must create a SQL Server client alias on all other computers in the server farm. 291 more words