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Life's a Beach....except when it gets you sick

Since it has been awhile since the last post…we’ll take it step by step. It’s been a whirlwind of a month, to the outsider, some of the events might seem mundane or typical, but to someone who is experiencing these “mundane” things in another country and in another language, it can be a struggle. 862 more words


Petanque with the Pros

With bad weather breathing down our necks we left Capbreton early on Friday morning and headed south through Spain. After 385 miles we paused for the night outside Camping Valencia. 493 more words


Considered Abba Centrum Alicante

In 2004 Spain had 34,571,831 voters giving an average of 98,777 voters per deputy. 2004 2004 Spanish election In alicante the ratio was slightly above that at 104,976. 184 more words


Of Abba Centrum Alicante

The modern Kingdom of Spain is the successor of Habsburg Spain, which unified a number of disparate predecessor kingdoms in 1500; its modern form of a Spanish Constitution of 1812 was introduced in 1813, and the current Spanish transition to democracy dates to 1978. 297 more words


Low Cost Festival, Benidorm and Vanessa Romero

The Low Cost Festival is the most important festival of Benidorm

The Low Cost Benidorm Festival started in 2008, and takes place in the Ciudad Deportiva Guilermo Love (Benidorm). 465 more words


Exchange Report: The Dutch in Alicante

Some weeks ago some young people came to our high school from Eindhoven as part of an Exchange. We had to interview them to find out about their opinions of Spain, and if it was like they were expecting. 267 more words


Art and Science in Alicante

MAG(Mustang Art Gallery).

The MAG is located inside the MTNG Experience building in Elche,the second bigest city of Alicante province.

It’s an exposition space where you can find contemporary, young and dynamic art. 340 more words