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The end: Things fall apart

(After finishing Alice Adams, we dissect the final scenes, argue over what it was all about and reveal what will stay with us)

It all seemed to be going so well. 1,181 more words

Alice Adams

But seriously, who is Booth Tarkington?

This literary journey began with musings on the identity of one Booth Tarkington. But though our first blog post was entitled ‘Who the hell is Booth Tarkinton?’, we never actually revealed anything about the man. 235 more words

Alice Adams

Midway mark: Cinderella at the ball

(At the Chapter XIV mark of Alice Adams, what’s on our minds?)

Monica: Why is this giving me weird flashbacks? First Alice gets absolutely snubbed at the party in which she dreams of meeting Mr. 695 more words

Alice Adams

(In which we give our first impressions of Alice Adams, three chapters in)

Monica: Ok, the first things first, what is up with daddy dearest?  Hack, hack, hacking on heaven’s door, the poor man. 823 more words

Alice Adams

Who the hell is Booth Tarkington?

Tom: “Who the hell is Booth Tarkington?” This happened, more or less, to be what inspired 2 Grumpy Readers. My best friend Monica had remarked to me – via text, seeing as how we now live on opposite sides of the world – how difficult it had been for her to find a copy of Peter Taylor’s… 439 more words

Alice Adams

She Reads.12 - My 6 of 2016

Even though I’m writing this after Christmas, thanks to my twinkly Christmas tree in the corner of the room, and my fairy lights framing the mirror above the mantlepiece, it stills feels decidedly festive. 1,229 more words


Invincible Summer, You Broke Me Down

Just days ago I was on the fence about my current read, Invincible Summer by Alice Adams. At that point, I was 60% of the way through the book and feeling like the marketing team had just used the word “summer” in the title as a clever way to get on summer reading lists. 395 more words