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Taurus-Wesak 3: concluding quotes and thoughts

“It might be pointed out that just as the Aquarian Age is coming into manifestation for our planet as a whole, bringing in its wake universal awareness and the new modes of expressing world synthesis, human interests and the world religion, so humanity – the world disciple – is beginning to come under the influence of Taurus. 1,331 more words


What am I a slave to versus what is freely chosen?

A few days I ago I started re-reading Doris Lessing’s, A Four-Gated City. In one of the first chapters, I came upon the words obeisance and obsequiousness. 981 more words



We speak at times of an expanding universe; what we really mean is an expanding consciousness, for this etheric body of the Entity, Space, is the recipient of many types of informing and penetrating energies, and it is also the field for the intelligent activity of the indwelling Lives of the Universe, of the many constellations, of the distant stars, of our solar system, of the planets within the system, and of all that constitutes the sumtotal of these separated living forms. 67 more words

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The Present Problem Of The Man

The Sun sign. This sign indicates the present problem of the man; it sets the pace or the established tempo of his personality life; it is related to quality, temperament and the life tendencies which are seeking expression during this particular incarnation, and it is suggestive of the rajasic or the activity aspect of the innate man. 209 more words

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Our Intrinsic Duality

The energies of the twelve constellations are blended with those of the twelve planets, but their power to evoke response, and to be consciously received, recognized and employed, is dependent entirely upon the type of response mechanism of the planetary Life and of the individual man. 233 more words

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El Discipulado en la Nueva Era. Tomo I.

Alice A. Bailey y el Maestro Tibetano Djwhal Khul

¿Cuántos posibles discípulos están convencidos de que merecen recibir entrenamiento directo de un Maestro de Sabiduría? ¡Cuan pocos son capaces de soportar las intensas presiones de esa experiencia y sacar provecho de esta oportunidad! 535 more words


Poison to the Heart Represents Both Murder of 3rd Trimester Babies and its Doctrine - An In-depth Look at Abortion

The New York State Assembly voted a resounding 94-49 Wednesday to approve a bill that would allow third trimester abortions using procedures such as a shot of poison to the baby’s heart by medical professionals who won’t necessarily be doctors. 2,740 more words

End Time Prophecy