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February Astromusings - Happy Birthday Pisceans!

Pisces the two fish
swim through
the unfathomable depths
Body and soul bound by
the silver cord
The soul struggles to
break free of its earthly bonds… 3,440 more words

A Perfect Square - esoteric fiction

A Perfect Square is on some level an exploration of the different ways people approach esotericism. Who are these people? Where can we find them? Meet the eccentric artist Harriet Brassington-Smythe, her daughter, pianist Ginny Smith, and the mysterious hidden figure of Wilhelm Schmid, a scholar of the esoteric order of the Rosicrucians. 374 more words

On 'Narziss and Goldmund' by Hermann Hesse

First published in 1930, Narziss and Goldmund forms part of a profoundly insightful body of work by Hermann Hesse.

I visited Goodreads and was not surprised to find well over a thousand reviews. 527 more words

On Telepathy ... by various .. *

Dear Ones,

Here is the series of blogs on the various modes of telepathy, beginning with the most basic:

“Instinctual Telepathy, by Alice … with reference to the Teachings of Djwhal Khul through Alice Bailey,  91 more words

ZZ- Awakening With Planet Earth

The Occultic United Nations, Lucis Trust, and the Flat Earth Connection

It may surprise you that the United Nations was founded by the occult and has a flat earth map on their official logo. What might surprise you even more is that there is a Satanic library inside the United Nations building called Lucis Trust, formerly known as Lucifer Trust. 780 more words