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Venus and Jupiter in one's chart

With Venus and Jupiter brilliant in the sky together, here are some thoughts on them in one’s chart using esoteric astrology principles. Both planets can represent the high vibration of causal wisdom (Soul and triadal understanding) as well as alignment with the most expanded and sublime aspects of pure Being (Venus and Jupiter respectively). 1,150 more words


Humanity: the planetary throat center - part 3

from Discipleship in the New Age volume 2 and Master DK:

Humanity can now intelligently work with the presented Plan, and this for the first time in human history. 3,100 more words


Don’t Miss This: Who’s Alice Bailey?!

Just who is the mysterious Alice A. Bailey and why is she important? What does she have to do with the New World Order, the UN, and the One World Religion?



Theosophical Society of Tulsa Inaugural Meeting

Left to Right- Wilfred Berlin, Olivia D’Rozario, Gloria Busch, Suzanne Kacmarcik, Michelle Johnson, Ann Parker, Margitta Grona, Beth Mathers, and Kent Martin

Theosophical Society of Tulsa… 140 more words


Light of the Soul, Patanjali's Yoga Sutras: book 3 sutras 42-48

Patanjali had an overall intention to guide a practitioner toward the inner truth of being. Once a person began to experience for him or herself the nature of innate being and its distinction from the apparent Knower and Perceiver, then that practitioner would begin to also realize the capacity that one has as an innately profound being. 387 more words


Edgar Cayce : 'CHRIST IS NOT A MAN,' by Marcia Montenegro.

EX Astrologer/Medium, Marcia Montenegro my friend kindly gave permission to share her article!

Edgar Cayce : ‘CHRIST IS NOT A MAN,’ A Response by Marcia Montenegro. 2,976 more words


Light of the Soul: Yoga Sutras, Book 3: 38-41

Patanjali shifts gears again with Sutra 38 of Book 3. Book Three is about the siddhis, the naturally developed abilities of any meditator as he or she perfects the wide ranging skill of meditation and its application. 104 more words