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"The Duel"



The opening scene of “The Duel” is all you need to see in order to determine if you’re going to want to continue watching or stop after the film’s first two minutes. 368 more words

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October 30, 2016 | An Unclear Confusing Strange Distrubing Dream

All that I can remember of this unclear and confusing and strange and disturbing dream is that it took place over a period of time with time jumps that took place over a period of years during the day and night, from me being in college until me no longer being in college, and I was possibly not myself during some or all the dream but it is too unclear and confusing for me to remember exactly if I was myself or not during various parts of the dream so this dream will make even less sense without those important details. 1,542 more words


I Am Legend

Before I start off this review, I want to note that this film is a zombie apocalypse type film, so it probably isn’t for little kids (like me) but nonetheless, let’s get into it. 633 more words

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Judy Greer and the problem with the lady on the phone

You may have seen the article over the summer called the Judy Greer effect. It’s here if you need to catch up. But basically this actress is in loads of movies, but only supporting roles and you can’t really remember what her name is. 478 more words


"ELYSIUM" (2013) Review

“ELYSIUM” (2013) Review

Four years ago, writer-director Neil Blomkamp made a name for himself with the release of his science-fiction thriller, “DISTRICT 9”. The movie made a celebrity out of the movie’s leading man, Sharlto Copely, as well. 1,297 more words

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Looking Back: ‘City of God’

For modern film fans, 2002’s City of God is a key entry in Brazilian cinema.  Based on Paulo Lins’s 1997 semi-autobiographical crime fiction novel, the film adaptation promotes themes of adulthood, survival and pessimism in one of Rio da Janiero’s favelas.   491 more words

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