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Ten Months On, Two Months Off - Sharing Your Kid's Vacation


It seemed like yesterday.

The smell of new clothes. The fresh fall air. Adapting to yet another time schedule.

The year breezed by so fast. 266 more words


The Anthropological Power of the Long-Unavailable (But Never Forgotten) 'Decline of Western Civilization' Trilogy

For years now, Penelope Spheeris’ Decline of Western Civilization documentaries have loomed larger as artifacts and specters than as actual films, thanks in no small part to their decades-long… 1,393 more words


Status Quo and Alice Cooper

If you were a British teenager in the 70’s there were a select number of bands who seemed to appeal to everyone. Rockers with enough Pop for the teenies but also enough stomp for the ‘serious’ music fans.  1,268 more words


Song of the Day - Discovering Alice Cooper

Again I was looking for a particular song and stumbled over another Alice Cooper song. I digged deeper and found this one released in 1977. A really lovely and romantic side of him. 350 more words

Song Of The Day

Songs I've missed at Graspop

Boy has it been a great one last weekend at Dessel. The previous days I’ve given you a taste of my festival experience, today I’m giving you a short list of songs that probably would have made the experience even better. 934 more words


The Last Of The Great Wild Analog Devices - The 8 Track Player

Much the same as I bought “Pink Floyd – Meddle” before I even had a CD player… I have purchased some 8-tracks over the past 2 years from various sources, largely garage sales and Half Price Books. 935 more words