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School Shoot - 'Afternoon Tea'

This photo series (again, will post more photographs as soon as I find them) was inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The not-so-subtle darkness and obscurity of the tale led me to devise this ‘Afternoon Tea’ set. 27 more words


Cafe Idle

Farwa was sitting by the window, watching rain sleet on the pane, thinking to herself that if it rained any harder than it was, the window might break. 1,316 more words


Once Upon A Time — "Knightfall"

There we go, we’re back on the main storyline that revolves around the witches coven getting mysteriously killed one by one. “Knightfall” was actually a Hook-centric story that in flashbacks covered the origins of his curse that he shares with Alice and back in the real world, his growing obsession with solving the witch coven murders. 430 more words


Psyche (Serial Experiments Lain: Layer 03)

(Layer 02: Girls)

Police are gathering outside of Cyberia. The city lights shine down as kids are escorted out of the club where they are corralled into vans to go to the station downtown. 1,769 more words



Frosted Spring flowers, break through the earth

raise their broken off petals towards me,

I crawl down and shove mud down my throat

until I am eaten alive by frosted spring earth. 235 more words


I dislike the days when the restlessness seeps in. Days such as these. I toss about wanting to do several things, flitting from one thing to another, never finding the satisfaction nor the concentration for whatever I engage in, even with mindless tasks. 155 more words


Book Review - The Unseen

Possible spoilers for the previous books in the series

Book: The Unseen (Order of the Bell 2) by Jacob Devlin
Release Date: May 9th 2017… 539 more words