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Lost in the (W)Hole

Good Heavens it’s been TEN months since I’ve been able to post anything here! If this was a baby I’d be a month overdue!!!

To be honest I rather feel like my name got changed to Alice this past near-year. 671 more words

More Thoughts on this Crazy Election

It is difficult to know what to think about this election, the candidates, the debates or any of it. It’s all just very odd. It’s as if we have as a society fallen through the rabbit hole and we now living in a post-rabbit hole world, where nothing really makes sense. 407 more words

Current Trends\Events


Based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Furthermore is Taherah Mafi’s foray into middle grade literature. It is the story of Alice Alexis Queensmeadow and her adventures in the land of Furthermore to find her missing father. 670 more words


I'm almost back!

Hey, Guys! Kiki here. I’m leaving Oklahoma today😢 It literally went by so fast! I had so much fun though. I can’t wait to show you all the adventures I had. 82 more words

Friday Fun!

Grinn: Tales of the Cheshire Cat - Chapter Ninteen


Khamet coughed and the sound came muffled in the mud. His rear leg shot out in a spasm again and with all four paws he pushed himself and rose out of the street. 2,243 more words


Off With Her Head

“For those that happen to find themselves quite perplexed in dark rabbit holes and existing in an abstract reality that is compressed of moments of shrunken logic and expanding apprehensions, I’m sure you know it all too well my dear.  395 more words


the finding of muchness

Dear Reader,

Alice Kingsleigh has found that she has lost some of her muchness since falling down the rabbit hole a second time and returning to Wonderland, which no longer seems as wonderous as it once was. 1,258 more words