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It's always tea-time

Join us at Artizan street Library 0n Wednesday 27th May to Celebrate the 150th anniversary of …

Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland

City Of London Libraries

Netflix in Australia!

Hi guyssss,

Netflix was recently made available to the bogans! Yasssss I am so happy now. Best thing: you can watch movies or TV shows whenever you want and it’s ad free. 63 more words

We're all mad here

“Mad Matter: “Have I gone mad?”

Alice: “I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”

Alice in Wonderland


'Favorite' Disney Character ~ 30 Day Disney Challenge

The thing about this challenge is that some answers could be repetitive. If I was going to say that my favorite character was Cinderella ( 359 more words


Realism, Icon, and Abstraction (Understanding Comics Part 2)

“Cartooning isn’t just a way of drawing, it’s a way of seeing” Scott McCloud

A big part of what Scott McCloud talks about in Understanding Comics is the concept of Icon.

507 more words
Understanding Comics

Episode 11: Portal Fantasies!

Episode 11:  Portal Fantasies!

This episode we touch on portal fantasies, which ones do we love, which ones can we no longer bare.

We touch on: 62 more words


My obsession with Polyvore.

So, two things have happened almost simultaneously recently.

  1. I got really depressed. We’re talking crying a few times a day and just losing it on anyone daring enough to speak to me.
  2. 325 more words