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Ten books on a deserted island

A question is sometimes asked of celebrities, or among friends having a conversation. The question is, “If you were to spend the rest of your life alone on an island, what ten books would you want to have with you?” Since no one has actually asked me that question, I am free to change the rules. 1,020 more words


As Lost As Alice

Here is October 7th, Halloween challenge. I know I’m posting on here a day late, however I did get it on November’s Polariod in time! :D I’ll be posting the second part this evening. 6 more words

Tic Toc

I press my fingers to the keyboard and I bleed and I cry and I sweat. By some magical trick it is all turned into letters, words and sentences. 355 more words

The Next Four Years of Movie Sequels: See The Pics

Want to see if your movie sequel has made the cut? Thanks to CNN here are 31 movies that over the next four years will produce another movie. 12 more words


Curiouser and curiouser (and a deal surrealer): a new "Alice" edition

“At long last!!! It is no longer necessary to pay five figures for a copy of the super deluxe edition of Wonderland illustrated by Salvador Dalí in 1969. 41 more words

The World I See, Tue., 9/22/15

In the hallway of my school there is a wall where once a door existed. Some while ago, long before they hired me, this door was bricked over. 176 more words