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Spring is always a wild time for television. There are many premieres but also too many season finales.  Tonight, the last episode of The Magicians… 1,678 more words


The Case of Elizabeth Bishop

Drafting is one of the most biggest elements of the writing world and just by mentioning the subject, it can induce a number of groans, even screams, depending on where the writer is in terms of their work and if they have a deadline. 970 more words

The Magicians: The Girl Who Told Time [Recap, Review, Obsessing]

The episode opens with the usual forever long recap, but close observers will notice the special addition we don’t see every week–the inclusion of the explanation that the characters had gone through a time loop 39 times thanks to Jane Chatwin–and the episode opens with our Shadeless Julia remembering one of her “other lives”, specifically when she learned her discipline from Dean Fogg (a fun detail not in the books!). 1,048 more words


The Magicians: The Cock Barrens

Episode 6 of season 2 (The Cock Barrens) sees the show taking our characters into completely new territory–and by new territory we mean that every story line has officially deviated fully from Lev Grossman’s source material. 867 more words