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[Translation] HnKnA Twin World - Dumpty's route Event 7 Snippet

((Just an interesting conversation between Dumpty and Alice that I wanted to share.)) 496 more words


Fill in the blanks.

Dumpty: That looks nice… No, wait, there’s no need to be jealous. I’ll eventually take her and…

Dumpty: How long are you going to kiss!? Get moving, Humpty. 59 more words


The problem with being completely bonkers.

Dumpty: There doesn’t seem to be anyone from this world who understands us. Not my hobbies or the commotion Humpty causes outside. Everyone is so negative… 35 more words


Welcome to the fort, Alice XD

Dumpty extends his hand to me. Could he be…

Alice: Eh? Are you trying to tell me to climb through the window?

Dumpty: That’s obvious… Here, hurry up. 75 more words


The proper response when requested to drink a potion by a mad scientist.

Dumpty: Please try it, Humpty. You definitely won’t regret it!

Dumpty: This time I’ve proven it because I tested the guinea pigs with no side effects! Come on, Humpty!


I know I'm supposed to be angry but...

Humpty: It’s because I love you so much that I want to tease you. I want to see your adorable reaction.


HnKnA Twin World - Crazy Storm Character Changes Info

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Characters Changed by the Crazy Storm

Blood: Suffers from insomnia.
Elliot: Can turn into a (dog, according to him) rabbit.
Vivaldi: Dresses like a modest young lady. 98 more words