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When I was a young girl, my dad would frequently stop everything we were doing to point out the sunset. We grew up on a farm and sometimes he would even call us from the paddock over the UHF radio to say we needed to go outside and check it out. 231 more words


Pallá noooo! pallá!!

Imaginaos que Australia es un culo enorme y la autopista que la cruza es la raja, pues ahora mismo me encuentro en el mismisimo ojete. Y se llama Alice Springs. 289 more words

ANZAC in our memories

  For those of you not living in Australia, the 25th of April is ANZAC Day. The acronym, ANZAC, was derived from persons serving in ‘Australia and New Zealand Army Corps’ (1914-1818). 546 more words


Day Fourteen - Friendships that become the travelling Family

Meeting at 10:00am we decided it was going to start off all together with breakfast. The breakfast would be a lovely sat down start to the day in an extremely posh restaurant on the pedestrian area of Alice Springs. 912 more words


Day 13: That Drive...The Return

(Not many photos but because I was driving non-stop driving and travelling)

From Kings Canyon to Alice Springs is hundreds of KM on the sealed road. 995 more words



I finished Day 4, Serially lost, part three with the image of an Harley rider wearing a kilt whilst riding his bike. When I made this image at parade, they were riding slowly and their kilts were not flapping  about. 939 more words

Inspirational Editorials: We like Paris Fashion when it sizzles

Those famous twenty-five million Frenchmen can’t be wrong. They fancy French girls a lot (a recent L’Express opinion poll revealed that the average Frenchman makes love to 11.8 women in his life). 334 more words