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Reptiles del Outback australiano

Una de reptiles del Outback…Hay multitud de serpientes en el Outback, muchas de ellas venenosas, pero para protegerse no hace falta mucho… pantalones largos. Su colmillo, pues sólo tienen uno es minúsculo. 65 more words


Alice Springs

En el centro de Australia, y Australia es muy grande, se encuentra Alice Springs, una ciudad de 30.000 habitantes apenas pero que históricamente ha tenido una gran importancia en el desarrollo de Australia. 370 more words


The 3-leg Frog

“Dear Roseline, I have a question about my 3-leg toad… I am not sure where to place it, it’s challenging because I really like it! 209 more words

Feng Shui Results & Stories

Hit-and-run drunk ‘danger to be free’

Aaron Alice, 39, has been jailed for the hit and run that killed Derek Dalywater in the NT Supreme Court.

Justice Judith Kelly said: “No matter how drunk you are, you know that if you drive off with someone under your car you’re going to hurt them, maybe kill them, especially after they have already been run over. 210 more words


13th November - Uluru

Since I can’t drive, the only way to go see the rocks in the desert is a tour.  On my journey, I met a handful of people who recommended The Rock Tour, so that was my choice – unfortunately there’s a lot of driving, so we start early.  701 more words


12th November - Alice Springs

Apparently second time’s the charm, cause I wake up around 7 with people starting to wake up around me.  Grab another shower, and then grab a cooked breakfast from the cafe, before beginning to pack up my stuff and getting ready for Alice Springs.  508 more words


Adventures in the Antipodes

Grand title. Hopefully I will find something of interest to back it up.

My wife and I have begun a holiday in WA (Western Australia). So, for the next few weeks my posts will be centred around Perth. 243 more words