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New Game, Old Game and Inbetween

Heyya cupcakes! Welcome back! After being sick for a looonnnng time I have managed to get back into the swing of buying games, playing them and starting to record again! 419 more words

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Today, I will be talking about the game “Alice the Madness Returns”. The game is about how Alice is going back to Wonderland again to fix the madness that happens to Wonderland and see her madness go for good. 203 more words

Alice: The Madness Returns - PewDiePie

This game is played by pewdiepie, one of my fav YouTubers. It’s pretty cool but the game itself can be creeeeeeepy sometimes. But I like to watch it though. 11 more words

Alice the Madness Returns

Story Rating Visual Concepts Rating Characters Rating Overall Concept Rating Ending Rating Total out of 100 Rating 25/25 18/25 22/25 8/10 13/15 86/100

Base Story Line… 760 more words

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Review: Alice: the Madness Returns

So I’ve been playing Alice: the Madness Returns a lot lately. For those unfamiliar, Alice: the Madness Returns is the sequel to the successful and amazing American McGee’s… 795 more words

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Coming Soon: Top Five Games I Currently Lust After

It’s part of my way of life; no matter how many games come and go, no matter how many release dates appear and pass through time, I’ve always got a long list of upcoming videogames I am anticipating with such enthusiasm that it borders on a feeling of lust. 1,335 more words