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Chefs we have and have not known!

If you are in the food business, this book is worth slugging through. Stories and characters that explain a little on how we ended up looking at Chefs in a different way.

Dyslexia Dairies May Doodle Challenge

So a couple of days ago I came across The Dyslexia Dairies May doodle challenge, with the theme under the sea.  Now I love a doodle challenge, but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull som… 6 more words


Stinkers, Dictators, and Egg Spoons

People appearing to be real stinkers might simply be under the sway of their microbes. After all, BBC.com’s James Gallagher recently wrote that “if you count all the cells in your body, only 43% are human. 676 more words

Caramel Apple Dump Cake

I was a little upset because I thought I ‘thought up and created’ an awesome new dump cake recipe. As usual, I was wrong but will share it anyways. 15 more words


C is for Cake

I’m working on the Cs now and was delighted to find that the first word which needed redefining was Cake: Oxford Dictionary definition:  Mixture of flour, butter, eggs, sugar etc. 9 more words


Lemon Cake with Candied Basil Crumb

This deceptively beautiful cake is surprisingly simple – and inexpensive to make. The base is a simple lemon cake, whisked excessively to a lighter-than-usual sponge, and the basil topping ma… 12 more words


Is the outrage over a $300-egg spoon elitist, sexist or just plain ridiculous?

The New York Times called it one of the “great food culture wars of the 21st century.” It all began in 2009 when pioneer of California cuisine and champion of the Slow Food movement, Alice Waters, cooked an egg over an open fire in an iron spoon for a reporter on… 468 more words