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a nice vinaigrette! . . .

Last night, I tried out a new way to make vinaigrette. It included Alice Waters’ process of macerating a clove of garlic with salt in a mortar and pestle before adding vinegar and oil. 372 more words


How to feel rich for a quid: make bread #1

If you look at some bread books, and courses, you’d think making bread was the hardest, most complicated thing ever attempted in a kitchen. And, in some ways, it is worth spending time on making it the best it can be; since it’s a fermented foodstuff, generally, a three-day sourdough is going to taste a lot better than a quick loaf. 674 more words

Bread Recipes

Women: Changing the Culinary Industry, One Palate at a Time

Up until recent years, women have been seen as homemakers, with the old-fashioned, traditional role in mind. However, women are breaking out now and outperforming their male counterparts in many roles and industries. 836 more words

General Chef Talk

The 30 Most Exciting New Fall Cookbooks, 2015

epicurious.com – Paula Forbes

I’m going to be honest with you. A good two-thirds of the cookbooks that come out each year are at least some degree of garbage. 3,825 more words


O bolo da digressão louca

“Se você disser que eu embatumo, amor…”
(Elisa Tozzi)

Uma boa missão nesta vida é olhar tudo com olhinhos polianos. Nem precisa trabalhar com psicologia ou terapia etc, é só exercitar no dia a dia.  723 more words

Marcella Hazan

Last bits of awesomeness (ESY Part 5)

And finally, here I will dump all of the great ideas that I want to share (and not forget) that didn’t fit in the preceding posts about the Edible Schoolyard. 330 more words

School Garden

Rustic Artisan Bread; Food for Your Soul

Many summers ago a dear friend taught me the art of baking Italian bread. Stir the little yeasties gently in one direction so as to not upset them. 621 more words