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Last bits of awesomeness (ESY Part 5)

And finally, here I will dump all of the great ideas that I want to share (and not forget) that didn’t fit in the preceding posts about the Edible Schoolyard. 330 more words

School Garden

Rustic Artisan Bread; Food for Your Soul

Many summers ago a dear friend taught me the art of baking Italian bread. Stir the little yeasties gently in one direction so as to not upset them. 621 more words


Humanities in the garden and kitchen (ESY Part 4)

Something garden educators believe:  all subjects can be taught in the garden.  Something I believe:  this is true, but some subjects are easier to teach in the garden than others.   311 more words

School Garden

Alice Waters on Food

Every single time I read something by or about Alice Waters or see her speak I’m inspired. That lady does not disappoint and as far as inspiration goes, she’s limitless. 178 more words


"Everything in its place" (ESY Part 3)

This principle is at work everywhere at the Edible Schoolyard, and I’m certain it contributes to a well-organized, efficient, safe environment in the garden and the kitchen. 109 more words

School Garden

"Alternative" White Supremacy

Building an inclusive food movement

Below are notes summarizing and discussing food geographer Julie Guthman’s presentation, “The Unbearable Whiteness of Alternative Food” at the Havens Center for Social Justice.  996 more words

Stopping The Destruction

"Beauty is a language of care" (ESY Part 2)

My 6-day experience at the Edible Schoolyard Academy (ESY) is simply too big of a story to tell into one post so I’m breaking it all into my “take-aways.”  The first is a principle of Alice Water’s that touches every part of the ESY program:  we show students we love them by creating beautiful spaces for them to eat, learn, and live in. 270 more words

School Garden