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Doing the Pantomime Horse

This features photography from the uncanny SludgeWorld.

Washing and roaring and thrashing, pushing in and dragging out, scores the room. Laura lies in half consciousness, letting it wash over her, as the image of her Aunt Gwyn miming at her to brush the back of her teeth fades and warps, leaving just the feeling of furred teeth and a heavy, warm cocoon around her. 2,000 more words

Style it #163 : Velvetena & .birdy. ~Don't Be Late in Wonderland

 Meanwhile after seeing Hades and being surrounded by decaying roses,

this cute little creature with horns began to follow me as I came across red rose petals, still fresh to the touch. 126 more words

Closer @DonmarWarehouse

Patrick Marber’s powerful play on love, lust, and truth returns to the London stage. An emotional insight into the failure of truth as objective moral value, ‘Closer’ succesfully premiered at the Royal National Theatre’s Cottelstoe in 1997, and was then followed by worldwide theatre productions and by a popular film adaptation in 2004. 288 more words


Blogging 101: Who Am I and Why Am I Here??

I think that I may have mentioned in a few other posts that I have a tendency to overthink, procrastinate and be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to publishing blog posts. 650 more words


Read an Ebook week!

Read an Ebook week is now on! As mine are free they are already entered but here is a quick way to find them. Enjoy :) 12 more words

A tea with Alice? Follow the white rabbit

Alice, the Wonderland, does it sounds familiar to you? We followed the white rabbit in the streets of Cihangir and we found the place where Alice and her funny fellas The Hatter and The March Hare had their tea party! 93 more words


6 versões de Alice no País das Maravilhas para assistir já!

Existem inúmeras versões cinematográficas para a história de ‘Alice no País das Maravilhas’ e ‘Alice através do espelho’, mas aposto que dessa mini lista de 6 filmes, vocês conhecem no máximo uns 2, estou errada? 1,011 more words