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Sometimes I feel like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole.I see the world as it cascades by me falling through the hole but never quite reaching wonderland. 23 more words

Down the Rabbit Hole Again... An Alternate Ending to 'Alice in Wonderland'

Every day, at whatever time it happened to be, Alice’s feet generally led her to where she wanted to go.

However, today Alice felt that she did not wholly have control over where she felt was worth exploring that day. 1,320 more words


Alice in Wonderland.

Hello little ones,

today, because of creating this blog I feel inspired to write. As well as popping some caffeine pills.

My next character will be Alice because she is a mystical creature to many in my social circle. 679 more words


Alice in Wonderland

Hello my friends,

If there is one thing out there I am really obsessed with, then it is Alice in Wonderland. Since I am a little girl I love the story from a girl falling into the rabbit hole and finding herself in another world. 278 more words


for alice

you can never forget alice’s birthday, april 1st, and you will never forget alice – she is more than special – happy birthday darling.

april fool… 123 more words