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Playing with Glass...

Breaking the looking glass…

Shards of a dream…
The broken promise of a tea party…
Madness bleeds across the fractured surface…
Sleeps slips in and steals a tray of cookies… 273 more words


The Switch

He’s lovely, touching, open, honest, melancholic…

Bachelor apartment, three cats, large bed and bags of BDSM sex toys.

Suddenly Alice is feeling intimidated by the breadth of his knowledge… Wearing her sexy black and hot pink lingerie, stockings, long eyelashes… Looking so confident and yet feeling quite nervous… “What could I possibly offer to this person – he knows so much more than I do…?” 497 more words


Horrorble Story Pt 4

Horrorble Story Pt 4:

Is it just me or does almost every horror/slasher film need a scene in which a female character must get naked and or take a shower? 90 more words


Symantec Invokes Alice To Fight Intellectual Ventures Patents

Symantec Invokes Alice To Fight Intellectual Ventures Patents
Law360, New York (October 7, 2015, 6:32 PM ET) — Symantec Corp. and Trend Micro Inc. told the Federal Circuit Monday that not only should it uphold a lower court's invalidation of two antivirus patents held by Intellectual…

As Lost As Alice

Imago hovered in the darkness, hidden behind the tree. His black wings fading into the night.

The clearing was bathed in moonlight, the grass gently moving with the breeze, and the wisps dancing in the winds. 105 more words


(Re)obsessed with: Alice in Wonderland

In all honestly, I never truly stopped being obsessed with Alice In Wonderland, but I have noticed a recent increase of my Alice related behaviours and thoughts… 310 more words

'In Your Bag' with CrownAlice

Hello Lovely People!

I hope you’re all enjoying this series I’m doing… Even more since they seem to be all I’m posting at the moment. My uni schedule is jam packed, so I’m trying to work out when I can fit in blogging. 823 more words