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Postmodern Emotion: Alice in Hindsight

Samsa dated dumb girls. The type who wore “keep calm and” merchandise in sizes that were far too small. That was his thing. Ever since freshman year in college he’d developed a reputation for being a bit of a roulette table when it came to women; always appearing with someone new whenever an invite extended to ‘your significant other.’ He was an alright guy to be honest. 613 more words

Dreams and Visions

“So this is, what, Knowledge Herself’s letterbox?”

A Librarian made a face. “Firstly, the big snake’s the Name of Knowledge Herself. Knowledge Herself doesn’t have a letterbox, due to being omniscient within her Realm and Domain, like all Dominions.” 1,532 more words


I am Alice, Nice to meet you

I’d hug you & greet you

would you please be kind enough

to show me around your world?” 481 more words


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Download american mcgee’s alice full game

If there’s one genre that’s not well represented on the PC, the platform game must surely be it. There have been few PC exclusive platform games throughout the Download full iso game pc vr. 567 more words

RecogniCorp v. Nintendo—Alice Keeps Playing at the Federal Circuit

RecogniCorp v. Nintendo—Alice Keeps Playing at the Federal Circuit

Author: Elliot C. Cook
Editor: J. Derek McCorquindale

In the nearly three years since Alice Corp. 1,017 more words