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Researchers genetically engineer Salmonella to eat brain tumors

Salmonella has earned its bad reputation. It is responsible for more than a million cases of food poisoning every year, of which nearly 400 people die. 8 more words

Between Weddings and Down the Rabbit Hole

The New Year has begun and we still await our wedding season to begin. But, this doesn’t mean we’re not busy! While in-between our busy season, we like to take advantage of this down time by getting out and getting creative. 56 more words

A Heavy Burden

A Heavy Burden:

Schools started again and of course that means a new semester of heavy over priced books I’ll probably never use outside of a single class again. 49 more words


'Tooth repair drug' may replace fillings

Teeth can be encouraged to repair themselves in a way that could see an end to fillings, say scientists. The team at King’s College London showed that a chemical could encourage cells in the dental pulp to heal small holes in mice teeth. 9 more words

Canada Has Been Hiding Cadbury Oreo Eggs From Us

The Cadbury Creme Egg is a candy in its own class when it comes to Easter-themed confections. But we’ve just learned that even the best snacks have some room for improvement. 22 more words

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Is feedly blocked? Feedly is not able to load. It is probably because one of your extensions is blocking it. If you run Adblock, HTTPSEverywhere, Awesome screenshot etc.. 20 more words